Cap Core

        • Please continue to check this page on a monthly basis as courses will be added to these pages starting January 2018.

          Beginning Fall 2018, students entering bachelor degrees need 30 credits total in Cap Core spread over 4 years (100, 200, 300 and 400 level courses) with 15 of those credits outside their program of study: 

          • Foundation (usually 100 level) = 6 credits
            Numeracy = 3 credits
            Literacy = 3 credits
          • Integration (all levels) = 18 credits
            Self and Society = min 3 credits
            Science and Technology = min 3 credits
            Culture and Creative Expression = min 3 credits 
          • Professional Practice (usually 400 level) = 6 credits
            Experiential = 3 credits
            Capstone = 3 credits

          Please visit the individual degree pages for detailed program requirements.

        • What is Cap Core?

          Cap Core is a framework to help you select and tailor your coursework in a way that provides you with the intellectual experiences necessary for success in your university studies and beyond.  It is organized into thematic clusters representing coursework to be completed throughout your time at Capilano University. Cap Core is designed to give you both the foundational and professional knowledge that you will need for success in your chosen career as well as the breadth of knowledge that will set you apart as a well-rounded professional.

          All students beginning their baccalaureate degree studies in Fall 2018 or later are required to complete the Cap Core curriculum as part of their program.

          Why Cap Core?

          At CapU, we are committed to providing an excellent education that prepares you to be successful in your chosen field. We know that the world is changing in many ways—such as advances in technology and the demands of a new economy. In response, we are changing the way we deliver elective courses to enhance your expertise and give you a breadth of knowledge beyond your specialization.

          Cap Core addresses the fact employers need educated graduates who are also socially, interpersonally, and environmentally aware. Employers want to hire graduates with broad-based knowledge and understanding, who are critical and creative thinkers, effective communicators, and problem-solvers. The Cap Core curriculum will introduce you to multiple perspectives and help to prepare you for meaningful engagement with the world, no matter what your area of expertise or interest.

          How does Cap Core work?

          As you move through your baccalaureate, you will complete a total of 30 credits in Cap Core, with a minimum of three Cap Core credits at each level (100, 200, 300, and 400). At least 15 credits must be outside your program of study.

          Foundation (3 credits Literacy and 3 credits Numeracy)

          Courses in Numeracy and Literacy ensure that you have a solid base for success as you complete the majority of your studies. You are expected to complete these courses within the first 30 credits you complete at CapU.

          Integration (18 credits)

          Organized into three subject-matter themes (Self and Society; Science and Technology; Culture and Creative Expression) these courses introduce you to ways of understanding our world from a variety of perspectives. Integration courses may be completed across all four years of your undergraduate studies at CapU; you must complete at least three credits in each of the subject-matter themes.

          Professional Practice (6 credits)

          As you reach the final year in your program of study, you will complete a Professional Practice requirement that will typically include a 3-credit Experiential learning opportunity and a 3-credit Capstone course in which you will put all of your learning into practice. You are expected to complete these courses within the final 30 credits you complete at CapU.