Our Graduate's Careers

  • Here is where our students were employed at the time of graduation: 


    Graduates of 2007 - Present

    604 Records
    Arts Club Theatre Company
    Ballet BC
    Bumstead Productions
    Camobear Records
    Carousel Theatre
    Chan Centre for the Performing Arts
    Cirque du Soleil
    CMHC Granville Island
    Directors Guild of Canada
    DOXA Documentary Film Festival
    Filosophi Events
    Firehall Theatre
    Front Line Management
    Frontside Promotions Group
    Like a Storm
    Live Nation
    Massey Theatre
    Mint Records
    Monster Theatre
    Nettwerk Music Group
    New Works Management & Presentations
    Neworld Theatre
    Nimbus School of Recording Arts
    Place des Arts
    PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
    Reliant Music
    Rock 101
    RPM Entertainment & Loudmouth PR
    Sam Feldman & Associates
    Savor It Events
    Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
    Shift Theatre Society
    Speaker’s Spotlight
    The Biltmore Cabaret
    Ticketmaster Canada
    Turner Entertainment Group
    Vancouver Bach Choir
    Vancouver Christmas Market
    Vancouver East Cultural Centre
    Vancouver Folk Music Festival
    Vancouver Theatresports League
    Vivify Artist Management
    Vogue Theatre
    Watchdog Management
    Western Canada Theatre 

    Graduates of 2006

    • Maximum Management, A&R
    • Maximum Management, E-marketing
    • Maximum Management, Publicity & Promotions
    • Nightingale Productions, Owner/Producer/Musician
    • Hip Joint, Radio Promoter
    • Sam Feldman, Management Assistant
    • Sam Feldman, Assistant to the V.P.
    • Independent Theatre Producer
    • Medicine Hat Theatre, Audience Services Coordinator
    • Diamond Dog/TNT, Event Production
    • 604 Records, Web Promotions
    • Axis Theatre, Tour Coordinator
    • Massey Theatre, Front of House Manager
    • Song Catalogue, Music Supervision
    • Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Promotions
    • DOXA, Administrative Assistant

    Graduates of 2005

    • Frontside Promotions, National College/Non-Commercial Radio + Press
    • Maximum Management, Marketing Manager / Promotions
    • Freedom to Groove, Designer, Technical Manager
    • Vancouver Folk Festival, Assistant to the Artistic Director
    • Independent Artist
    • Capilano College Performing Arts Theatre, Marketing & Communications
    • Firehall Arts Centre, Box Office
    • Bard on the Beach, Box Office Manager
    • Arts Club Theatre, Corporate Sales
    • Rumble Theatre, Administrative Assistant
    • Diamond Dog / TNT Productions, Event Assistant
    • New Performance Works, Administrative Assistant
    • A&E Performance Solutions, Director
    • Independent Producer

    Graduates of 2004

    • Capilano College, Supervisor
    • Sam Feldman & Associates, Management Assistant
    • North Vancouver Community Arts Council
    • Toronto International Film Festival
    • BC Film Union
    • Millenium Place
    • Institute of Modern Art, Director of Development
    • TheatreSports, Assistant to the Producer
    • Independent Marketing Company
    • Freedom to Groove, Project Manager
    • Coastal Jazz and Blues Society, Performer Services Coordinator

    Graduates of 2003

    • Nettwerk Productions, Nutone Division
    • 604 Records, Product Development
    • Axis Theatre, Tour Coordinator
    • Self-employed, Artist Manager
    • Caravan Farm Theatre, Production Assistant
    • Bard on the Beach, Marketing
    • Granville Entertainment, Marketing and Promotions
    • Theatre Sports, Marketing
    • Vancouver Comedy Festival, General Manager
    • Variety Club of BC, Contract Employee

    Graduates of 2002

    • Festival Vancouver, Production Management
    • Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Administrative Assistant
    • Festival Distribution, Publicist
    • North Vancouver Arts Commission, Executive Assistant
    • Flash Communications, Marketing and Publicity
    • Vancouver International Children's Festival, Communications
    • Bard on the Beach, Volunteer Coordinator
    • Waterfront Theatre, Event Services Manager
    • Festival Box Office, Sales
    • Burnaby Heights Community Association, Coordinator

    Graduates of 2001

    • Women in Video and Film, Coordinator
    • Rumble Productions, Administrative Assistant
    • Moderngroove Entertainment Inc., Promotions Director
    • Nettwerk Records, Licensing Division
    • Shadbolt Arts Centre
    • Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival, Box Office
    • Alliance for Arts and Culture, Contract work
    • Maximum Management
    • Gateway Theatre, Event Services Manager
    • Theatre Manager, Surrey, BC

    Graduates of 2000

    • Raincoast Books, Publicist
    • Sam Feldman and Associates, Management
    • Gastown Actors Working Academy, Marketing and Sales Director
    • Aboriginal Achievement Awards, Vancouver Folk Festival, Contract work

    Graduates of 1999

    • Alberta Theatre Projects, Calgary, AB, Special Events Coordinator
    • Film Resource Company, Self-employed
    • Hospitality Industry
    • Vancouver Opera, Fundraising
    • Intrepid Theatre, General Manager
    • Dance School, Squamish, Coordinator
    • Obie Media, Advertising Representative
    • Firehall Arts Centre, Development Director
    • Vancouver Fringe Festival, Multicultural Coordinator
    • Arts Club Theatre, Corporate Sales