Courses and programs in arts, business and technology for adult learners. Most can be taken online, so they fit into virtually any schedule.

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Earn a microcredential that you can display online

Many Continuing Studies programs let you earn microcredentials. These programs deliver focused training in a specific area. We currently offer three microcredentials: Digital Badges, Awards of Achievement and Certificates of Completion. They're ideal for displaying on your online profiles (LinkedIn, for example) so that potential employers and clients know you have the skills they're looking for. Best of all, several of the programs are stackable. You can start small, and apply completed courses and programs to a larger, more advanced credential. There's no need to complete an unmanageable course load all at once.

Custom training programs

If you're an organization looking to train a team or group, we can offer a customized training solution. Whether you're a business interested in corporate training or an international group looking to come to Vancouver to learn English, we can help you reach your goals.

Serious Fun Summer Camps

We also offer Serious Fun Summer Camps for kids and teens. Our camps put a heavy emphasis on fun, and an even heavier one on meaningful learning. The camps deliver a balance of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and arts subjects (writing, design and filmmaking). Our summer camps are a perfect way to prepare kids for the technologies and careers of tomorrow.


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