This is a list of our most frequently-asked questions about the Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses at CapU.

If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact upgrading@capilanou.ca

Some students take ABE courses to finish their high school diploma, some need a prerequisite course like Foundations Math 11 or English 12 and others come to upgrade their GPA (grade point average) or refresh their academics after being out of school for some time.

We offer grades 10-12 equivalent courses in math, English, biology, chemistry, physics, computers and history.

For the Fall and Spring semesters, select ABE classes are delivered mixed-mode (partly online, partly in-person in the classroom) and all ABE classes are also available fully online.  There are classroom ABE classes held at CapU’s: North Vancouver Lynnmoor campus, Lonsdale Quay Shipyards campus, Sunshine Coast campus, and Squamish campus.  See the current semester’s ABE timetables for more information.

During the Summer semesters, all ABE classes are online.

All classes (online, mixed-mode, in-person) utilize the eLearn.capu.ca website.

ABE offers both self-paced and some paced classes. In self-paced classes, students work at their own speed, and it is possible to finish more than one level of a class during the semester. The majority of ABE classes are self-paced. With paced classes, there is a schedule to follow, due dates for assignments, and students finish the class at the end of the semester.

Self-paced online classes are asynchronous (meaning students can access the course whenever is convenient). Paced classes (denoted by a * on the timetable) are held at a specific day and time.

For any Zoom times shown on the timetable, instructors are available via Zoom videoconferencing. Instructors can also be contacted anytime by eLearn messaging (email) and you can expect a response within 1 business day.

Yes, if you are a new student, you need to complete our math and writing assessment tests before you register.

Once you have applied to CapU, you will be invited to take our assessments in eLearn (Moodle). These assessments will help us place you in the right course level.

If you are a returning student (you have taken ABE or CUP courses in the last 2 years), you do not need to complete the assessments.

Our main terms are 15 weeks long (September-December and January-April). We also have two summer terms that are each 7 weeks long.

A self-paced course doesn’t have deadlines for completing assignments. You work as quickly or as slowly as you’d like.

A paced course has deadlines, and an expectation that you will finish the course within one term.

Most of our ABE courses are self-paced.

There are two paced English classes (equivalent to English 11 and 12), one paced history class (grade 12) offered in the spring term, and one paced biology offered in the fall term.

Attendance for lectures is recommended but is optional. The lecture times are listed on our timetable.

Most of our courses are self-paced, which means your instructor will provide the materials, videos, assignments, practice exercises/quizzes, and other resources you need on eLearn (Moodle).

You can access eLearn at any time you want. Your instructor will let you know when and how you can write your online quizzes/tests.

In ABE, your instructors will offer you a variety of support, including scheduled online office hours, email help, phone calls, tutorials and workshops.

We offer a few paced courses (optional lectures at specific times) and these will also include all of the resources and support that self-paced courses offer.

You need a laptop, computer, or tablet and access to reliable internet.

Most of our courses are divided into two parts. For example, equivalent Foundations Math 11 is divided into BMTH 047 and BMTH 048.

You need to complete both parts to get your Foundations Math 11 credit. The length of time it takes to complete one part or both varies from student to student. Some students complete more quickly, while others need more time.

It is possible to complete an entire grade level over a 15-week term (Fall or Spring).

No, students who don’t complete a course will receive an NC (no credit), which does not affect GPA (grade point average).

Students can register for another term and continue with the course.

If English isn’t your first language, you may need to take courses in the English for Academic Purposes (ESL) department before attempting ABE courses.

Yes, all of our courses will prepare you for degree and diploma programs at CapU or other post-secondary institutions.

Please contact an institution directly or refer to the BC Transfer Guide to see which CapU courses transfer.

Yes, ABE courses are tuition-free for Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents.

All CapU students pay incidental fees, like enrolment charges, student union fees, etc.

You can apply for the Adult Upgrading Grant to help cover the incidental fees and other expenses.

No, fees are only charged at the beginning of each new term. If you finish two levels of math or English in one term, you do not have to pay more fees.

Incidental fees are charged at the beginning of each term, so anytime you register for a new term, you need to pay incidental fees.

This two-course package gives students the opportunity to take ENGL 100 (first year university level English) and BENG 052 (the support course for ENGL 100 and equivalent to grade 12 English) at the same time.

Students complete both courses in one term in an engaging and supportive lecture-based environment. Although BENG 052 is tuition-free, ENGL 100 is not.

This two-course package provides an excellent transition to university level writing.

Students can take ENGL 100* (first year university level English) and BENG 052 (grade 12 English) at the same time and in one semester! If you would like more information about this two-course package, please contact Lorraine at largatof@capilanou.ca.

*Although BENG 052 is tuition-free, ENGL 100 is not.

Yes, if you are already in a degree or diploma program at CapU, you can take our upgrading courses.

Up to 30% of the students in ABE are already studying at the university and are taking a course with us to meet a prerequisite requirement.

The Adult Dogwood Diploma requires an English 12, a Math 11, and three other grade 12 courses.

To determine your path to your Adult Dogwood, please contact:

To register for the ABE courses that you need to complete your Adult Graduation Diploma, follow the steps to “Apply and Register for New ABE Students.” 

There will be an assessment of your starting level in the subjects you need, which may require you to complete some ABE prerequisite courses. 

Yes, absolutely. ABE typically offers both online and classroom classes, and most online classes are asynchronous, meaning you can work on your course material at any time that is convenient for you.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, select ABE classes are delivered mixed-mode (partly online, partly in-person in the classroom) and all ABE classes are also available fully online.  There are in-person ABE classes held at CapU’s: North Vancouver Lynnmoor campus, Lonsdale Quay Shipyards campus, Sunshine Coast campus, and Squamish campus. 

During the Summer semesters, all ABE classes are online.


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