Capilano University has an ESL program called English for Academic Purposes (EAP). The EAP program will help you improve the English language skills you’ll need to succeed at university.

Small classes, friendly professors, academic success

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) prepares you to:

  • research and write academic essays
  • read academic textbooks and peer-reviewed articles
  • understand academic lectures and take notes
  • deliver academic presentations based on research.

See an overview of the full-time EAP Program (pdf).

Admission requirements for EAP

  • BC Secondary School graduation (Grade 12) or equivalent;
  • a valid English Language Assessment (ELA) test score of a minimum of 32 OR the EAP Placement Test.

EAP Placement Test

To find the EAP course that’s right for you we need to know what level your English skills are now. You'll need take the EAP Placement Test (EPT) unless you have an ELS, IELTS or equivalent score, as shown below.  

Learn more and register for the EAP Placement Test

NOTE: All students must have some English language skills to enter the program. Our EAP courses are not at the beginner level. 

Capilano University EAP LevelsIELTSTOEFL
University Direct Entry 6.5 (no band less than 6.0) 83 560 145 70 56
EAP 100/101 with 2 university courses 6.0 (no band less than 5.5) 71 530 128 60 53
EAP 090 with 1 university course 5.5 (no band less than 5.0) 67 520 114 50 50
EAP 080 5.0 (no band less than 4.5) 45 480 96 40 47
EAP 070 4.5 (no band less than 4.0) 32 440 77 30 44

EAP fees

See details on tuition and other fees for EAP courses, below. 

Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents do not pay tuition fees for EAP courses at the EAP 050-090 levels. They must pay for EAP 100/101 since it is an academic course. 

International students do pay tuition fees.

Both international and domestic students must pay:

Domestic students may apply for the Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG) to help with incidental fees and textbook costs. The grant is based on financial need. To find out more and fill out an application form visit Adult Upgrading Grants.

EAP courses

The number of hours you spend on English Language skill development depends on the course level you are taking.

  • EAP Intermediate & Advanced courses are 20 hours per week.
  • EAP + Academics are 12–16 hours per week to allow you to also take 100-level academic courses at the same time.
  • Each EAP course takes 15 weeks during Fall, Spring and Summer terms.

EAP + Academics (Capilano University Academic English Preparation)

At CapU, you can begin your university program at the same time as you take your EAP courses.

  • EAP 090: You may also register in one CapU course in either Business or Arts and Sciences.
  • EAP 100 and 101: In the Fall or Spring terms you may also register in one or two CapU course in either Business or Arts and Sciences.
    • EAP 100 and EAP 101 are taken together. They are academic credit-bearing courses that may count as breadth electives in some Capilano University programs.  Check the University Calendar for more information

NOTE: Students who complete the Summer term intensive EAP 100 and 101 courses with a B+ (77%) or higher will meet the Capilano University requirements for academic programs. These students will not have to provide a TOEFL score.

Intermediate level:

Advanced level:

Intermediate and Advanced level students spend 20 hours in English classes every week on:

  • grammar and writing (eight hours),
  • reading and vocabulary (eight hours), and
  • listening and speaking (four hours).

EAP + Academics

EAP 090 students spend 16 hours in English classes every week on:

  • grammar, writing and listening (eight hours), and
  • reading, vocabulary and speaking (eight hours).

At this level, you may also register in one CapU course in either Business or Arts and Sciences. (See EAP + Academics below.)

NOTE: You need a B average (73%) at EAP 090 level before you can move on to EAP 100/101.

EAP 100 and EAP 101 are taken together. They are academic credit-bearing courses that count as breadth electives in both Arts and Science as well as Business programs.

Students spend 12 hours in English classes every week on:

  • EAP 100: Grammar, writing and listening (eight hours).
  • EAP 101: Grammar, speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary (four hours).

This level runs over 15 weeks (four days per week) in the Fall and Spring terms. In the Summer term, you can only take EAP 100/101 as an intensive seven-week course. The seven-week course runs in May and June for 24 hours per week.

If you take EAP 100 and EAP 101 in the Fall or Spring terms you may also register in one or two CapU course in either Business or Arts and Sciences. (See EAP + Academics above)

NOTE: You need a B+ average (77%) at EAP 100 and EAP 101 to move out of EAP and into full university academic programs.

Community engagement

All students who take our EAP courses spend time in community engagement.

Our Community Engagement Program is part of all Listening and Speaking courses in EAP. Between 12 and 18 hours of community engagement is required each term at each level.

Community engagement is a good way to improve your speaking and listening skills. It also helps you meet local Canadians, learn more about Canadian culture and make friends here in Vancouver.

  • EAP 050—070 students attend workshops and lectures on campus.
  • EAP 080—101 students attend workshops and lectures on and off campus or do volunteer work in the Greater Vancouver community.

Subjects of workshops might include:  

  • managing your money
  • choosing a career
  • exam study techniques.

Past volunteer placements have included:

  • CapU’s Sportsplex
  • Vancouver Autism Place
  • Roger’s Santa Claus Parade
  • Collingwood Neighbourhood House Breakfast Program

Pathway programs

Many international students come to Vancouver to learn English and decide to stay longer to study for a degree or diploma.

On a CapU Pathway program you earn credits for your degree or diploma more quickly. EAP and Pathway instructors work together to give you the extra support and help you need to succeed.

There are two Pathway options available to you:

  • Business Administration
  • Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

Learn more about the EAP Pathway programs.

Additional English language support

In addition to EAP courses, CapU offers one-on-one help with English language skills. Find out more about English language support and the EAP Language Lab (pdf) at Capilano University.

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