Students are introduced to the principles, concepts, approaches, technologies, and practices of automated data acquisition, cleaning, transformation, merging, matching, storage, and analysis. Students learn to apply scripting languages to pattern matching, data pipelines, and other data wrangling techniques. The course focusses on practical uses for these technologies and techniques in a range of domains, including science, business, and computing; and includes an introduction to operating systems, command line shells, filesystems, and file formats.


45 credits of 100-level or higher coursework and COMP 115

Course Notes

COMP 330 is an approved Science and Technology course for Cap Core requirements.

COMP 330 is an approved Quantitative/Analytical course for baccalaureate degrees. COMP 330 is an approved Science course.

Course Outlines

Please note: Course outlines of record posted may vary from the section syllabus distributed by each instructor (e.g. textbooks, assignments, timing of midterms).