Why Cap is a Good Choice

    • Sending your student to Capilano University makes sense for plenty of reasons:

      We’re a teaching institution 

      There are two types of universities: research institutions and teaching institutions. In a research institution, the professors are engaged primarily in research. In a teaching institution, the instructors are engaged primarily in teaching. So when your student attends Capilano University, which is a teaching institution, they learn from someone whose main goal is to teach—someone who will take the time to figure out and remember your student's learning style, their needs, and their strengths. Not to mention their name. 

      A little class makes a big difference

      We keep our classes small. In fact, none of our classes has more than 35 students. That’s because as a teaching institution, our focus is on creating the best learning environment possible. An environment that enables teachers to recognize students’ individual needs, strengths, and talents. If classes become too large, our instructors’ ability to deliver top-flight instruction is compromised, and they can’t develop the relationships necessary for meaningful learning. For us, that’s just plain unacceptable. We're guessing it probably is for students as well.

      We’re academia nuts

      Our instructors are crazy in love with what they do, which is very good news for your student. Their passionate professorship is wildly infectious, and after only a few weeks in a Capilano University classroom you’ll see how inspired teaching translates into inspired learning—how the gap between what your student is learning and who they are disappears, how what they're studying becomes real and your son or daughter comes to love what they're learning. And when that happens, when you see your student  doing something you knew they were meant to do, well, you just can’t top that feeling.

      A rare mix of the conventional and the unconventional

      We offer courses you’d expect to find at any university, plus many you wouldn’t.  Alongside traditional offerings such as Philosophy, English, and Physics, you’ll find uncommon gems like Wilderness Leadership, Jazz Studies, and Motion Picture Arts. This varied mix of programs gives your student an exceptional choice of study and career paths, and dramatically increases the odds that they'll get to study something that genuinely interests them.  

      We put the cred in credit

      Capilano University gets that when everything is said and done, textbook wisdom and street smarts need to stroll in step. That when your student comes face-to-face with the work world, they have to be able to handle anything that world can throw at them. That’s why our faculty are more than instructors. They are guides. Guides by your student's side who can help them as they make their initial forays into the work world. With outstanding credentials in fields from business and music to applied behaviour analysis and tourism, along with real-world connections forged from years of working in the industry, Capilano University faculty let your students not only make the grade, but also lets them make their mark.  

      We're easier on the pocketbook than most universities

      A university education is not an insignificant investment. Tuition, books, supplies . . . they can add up to a daunting figure sooner than you think. At Cap, however, your learner can get a university education for significantly less money (on average, you will spend $1,200 less per year on standard tuition) than at other schools, which is another reason Capilano University is a great first choice.

      Like-minded, not high-minded

      There is no intellectual snobbery at Cap. We believe excellence in education is for everyone. And by everyone we mean the high school student who knows exactly what he wants to do in life. And the high school student who has absolutely no clue what he wants. We also mean the mature student who wants to expand her skill set. In fact, we mean anyone who is driven by a thirst for knowledge, is hungry for direction, or craves new skills. Whatever your motivation, we’ll help you put your mind to it. By the way, when is the last time you considered taking a course or two?  

      Choices, choices, choices

      Capilano University gives your student an incredible range of study options, which is great if they're not one-hundred percent sure what they want to study. For instance, your student can complete two years of academic studies and then transfer to another university, or stay with us for a full four years and earn an applied degree. If they’re thinking more along the lines of a career, our certificate and diploma programs are an ideal way to get started. And don’t forget about our Continuing Education division, which offers a surprising mix of courses for career and personal development.

      It’s a big world in here — our international scope

      We at Cap appreciate that in today’s hyper-connected world, an understanding of different cultures is essential—for work and personal growth. That’s why we offer plenty of opportunities for your student to gain international experience. We have developed partnerships with universities and colleges across the globe, so it’s easy for students to gain international experience while studying and living outside of Canada. We offer study tours and international exchanges to countries such as France, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Japan, and Australia. For more details, see Study Abroad.

      A stress-destroying campus

      The Capilano University campus is striking in its uncommon beauty. Lush forests and immaculately manicured grounds can put the most stressed mind at ease, providing a welcome respite for your student from their busy academic schedule.

      The North Shore lifestyle

      Mountains that leap out of the ground and fill the sky. Trees that will take your breath away. Mesmerizing ocean views. Kayaking, hiking, camping. Shopping at the local market. How about a trip to the city? Capilano University is only twenty minutes away from downtown Vancouver, after all. What we're trying to say is, at Capilano University, there's plenty for your student  to do and enjoy when they're not in class or the library.