Applying to Capilano University

    • Is there anything more rewarding than assisting your son or daughter apply to university? Well, yes there is. There are a lot of things, actually. All the more reason, then, to make the application process as rewarding (and as simple) as possible for you. Here are resources that should prove useful:

      A step-by-step breakdown of the application process

      Nothing is handier than a step-by-step breakdown of the application process, with the possible exception of living beside a hardware store that is open 24/7.Refer to Admissions for information on how to apply to Capilano University.

      Capilano University Calendar

      The Capilano University Calendar is the official publication of regulations, policies, programs, requirements and course descriptions produced annually by Capilano University. Students at Capilano University are responsible for knowing and complying with all requirements as stated in the calendar. It is an indispensable resource and we urge you to encourage your student refer to it as you make your way through the application process.