WebEx supports Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers, but extra steps may be required when using certain browsers as shown below. For further information regarding current WebEx browser issues and limitations, you can review the WebEx Known Issues and Limitations page.

  • Internet Explorer
    1. On the bottom of your Internet Explorer window, click Run.

      Internet Explorer - Run temporary file

    2. If you are using a Capilano University computer, you may see an error message window. Click OK to continue.

      Internet Explorer - group policy error

    3. Your WebEx session will load.

  • Chrome
    1. Click Add WebEx to Chrome.

      Chrome WebEx extension

    2. Click Add extension.

      Add WebEx extension

    3. The WebEx icon will appear on your Chrome bar.

      Cisco WebEx add-on

  • Safari
    • Click Download.

      Download the Cisco WebEx add-on

    • Open the downloaded file.
    • Double-click Install Cisco WebEx Add-On.

      Install Cisco WebEx Add-On

    • Click Open.

      Installation warning for WebEx Add-On

    • Click Install.

      Do you want to install WebEx Add-On

    • Click Done.

      Installation complete for WebEx Add-On

    • Refresh the WebEx page.
    • If you see a prompt asking you to trust the website capilanou.webex.com, click Trust.

      Trust the website WebEx

    • Click Accept.

      WebEx ToS


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