FeatureMS TeamsKalturaWebex
Personal Meeting Room
WebEx MeetingsWebEx Training WebEx Events
Remote Attendees Up to 300 per Meeting

Up to 10,000 per Live Event
Asynchronous Up to 1,025 Up to 1,025 Up to 1,000 Up to 3,000
Rich meeting controls such as: 
  • restrict audio options to computer only or toll free
  • assign alternate hosts
  • lock meeting room from invite
  • Basic registration
Yes No No Yes No No
Moderated Q&A No Yes No No Yes Yes
Join via video conferencing end point (Telepresence, H.323, other) Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Event management features such as:
  • Attendee registration
  • Polling
  • Post event surveys (event center only)
Establish a panel of presenters
No No No No Yes Yes
Teaching tools:
  • Testing and instructor scoring
  • Breakout sessions
Yes Yes No No Yes No


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