Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is a security feature that requires a secondary form of verification before you can gain access to your account(s). Enabling MFA helps to prevent unauthorized access attempts to the applications and systems you use regularly.

How does Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) work?

When MFA is enabled, you will be prompted to approve a second authentication request on your mobile device when attempting to log in. To use MFA in Office 365 or any Office 365 app you will need to download the "Microsoft authenticator app" to your mobile phone or enable your text messages to receive a code when you log in. You will be directed to your account once you approve the authenticator app request or enter the text code you receive. When MFA is enabled on your CapU account, you will only receive the secondary login prompt while you are off-campus.  

Getting started

  1. Screen prompt when Multi-factor Authentication is enabled.You can ask IT to have MFA enabled or IT may enable it on your behalf if security issues arise with your account.
  2. You can download the authenticator app, or set up MFA using text message on your mobile device (note – in order to gain access to your account you must have the device with you to authenticate)
  3. Once MFA is enabled on your account, you will be prompted to activate it at the time of your next Office 365 session.
  4. The MFA prompt will allow you to skip the setup for a maximum of 8 days, at which point you will be required to set it up - when you are ready to begin, click Next.
  1. Click the Next button
    Sreenshot for getting the Microsoft Authenticator
  2. Click Get the app
    Screenshot of Microsoft Authenticator screen to get the app
  3. Click the Install button
    screenshot of installation prompt
  4. Enter the mobile phone number for the device you would like to install the app on, and click Send Link.
    Screenshot of prompt for phone number to send a link.
  5. Use the download link provided by text from Microsoft and install the app.
  1. Bypass the authenticator prompt and click, "I want to set up a different method".
    Screenshot showing link for alternative set up method
  2. Select Phone to set up MFA on your mobile phone using text messages.
    Screenshop showing dropdown to select method of authentication
  3. Click Next and enter your mobile phone number.
    Screenshot showing option when selecting as your authentication method
    Select "Text me a code" and click Next.
  4. Enter the 6 digit code as prompted.
    screenshow showing screen to enter confirmation code
  5. The SMS verified message indicates you have successfully set up MFA using text.
    Screenshot showing confirmation that your device is registered
  6. The next time you authenticate to Office 365 or any Office 365 app, you will receive the MFA prompt – enter the text code you receive to authenticate.
    screenshow showing prompt to enter authentication code when logging in after MFA is enabled