How to schedule a meeting

As a host, you can schedule meetings ahead of time on the WebEx website. During this process, email invitations will be sent out to attendees so they can add the meeting to their calendars and have a quick way to join your meeting when it starts.

  1. Go to the CapilanoU WebEx Site
  2. Click on the login at the top right-hand corner
  3. From the WebEx interface, click Meeting Center.

    Meeting Center - menu

  4. From the left menu, click Schedule a Meeting.

    Schedule a Meeting - menu

  5. Fill out the fields presented:
    • Meeting topic: The title of your meeting.
    • Password: This password is only needed by users of the WebEx application (not the website). You can enter your own password or use the password generated by WebEx.
    • Date and Time: Date and time when the meeting will start.
    • Duration: How long will the meeting last.
    • Attendees: Type the email addresses of attendees with a comma or semicolon dividing them. Attendees will receive an email invitation to the meeting.
    • Let anyone with a host account on this site host my meeting: Check this option if you would like others to be hosts as well. This is a good option in case you are unable to attend yourself, anyone in the attendee list can take over as the host as long as they have a WebEx host account.
    • Send a copy of the invitation email to me: Check this if you would like to see the exact email your attendees receive. Please note that you will receive your own host email regardless.

      Schedule a Meeting form

  6. Click Schedule Meeting.
  7. A summary of the meeting will appear with a Start button you can use in order to start the meeting.

    Summary of scheduled meeting

  8. You will receive an email with a summary of the meeting information which allows you to add the meeting to your calendar and start the meeting.
  9. To add the meeting to your calendar:
    1. Open the email you received from WebEx (messenger@webex.com).
    2. Double-click the attachment called WebEx_Meeting.ics.

      Scheduled meeting - add to calendar

    3. Click Yes.

      Add Internet calendar

    4. Click Accept.

      Outlook meeting

    5. The meeting is now on your calendar.

How to start a scheduled meeting

  1. To start the meeting from the email:
    1. Open the email you received from WebEx (messenger@webex.com).
    2. Find the "start your meeting" link which should be next to the Add to Calendar button.

      Scheduled meeting - host email - start your meeting

    3. Click the start your meeting link.
  2. To start the meeting on the WebEx website:
    1. From the WebEx interface, click Meeting Center.

      My Meetings - menu

    2. From the left menu, click My Meetings.

      My Meetings - menu

    3. You will see a list of your scheduled meetings for the day.

      My Meetings - menu

    4. Click Start next to the meeting you wish to start.
  3. If this is your first time using WebEx on your computer, additional setup may be required for your browser.
  4. The meeting will now open.
  5. Select which audio you would like to use:
    • Call Me: WebEx will call your phone and you will hear the meeting through your phone.
    • I Will Call In: You will have to call the WebEx number provided and you will hear the meeting through your phone.
    • Call Using Computer: Use your computer's speakers/headphones and microphone.
      IT Services recommends using this option whenever possible for the best WebEx experience.
    • No Audio: You will not hear the meeting nor will others be able to hear you.

      WebEx Audio options

  6. If you have a video camera, WebEx will automatically detect and use it for the video connection. You can choose No Video instead of you don't wish to share your video.
  7. Click Connect Audio or Connect Audio and Video.

    WebEx Connect Audio and Video

Options available during a meeting

  • Share Screen
    • Click Share Screen and choose which monitor you would like to share.

      WebEx meeting - Share Screen

    • Click More Options and then choose to share your screen, files or running applications.

      WebEx meeting - Share Screen - More Options

  • Invite & Remind
    1. Click Invite & Remind.

      WebEx meeting - Invite and Remind

    2. Type email addresses or phone numbers for the attendees.

      WebEx meeting - Invite and Remind - emails

    3. Click Send.
  • Record
    • Click Record below your name and the meeting number.

      WebEx meeting - Record button

    • To stop recording, click the Stop button in the bottom right corner of the window and then click Stop Recording in the window that appears. 

        WebEx meeting - Stop button
      WebEx meeting - Stop Recording button

  • End Meeting
    1. Click End Meeting.

      WebEx meeting - End Meeting button

    2. Click End Meeting.

      WebEx meeting - End Meeting popup

  • Share menu
    • From this menu, you can share your screen, files, whiteboard, web browser, multimedia or the meeting room interface itself.

      WebEx meeting Share menu

  • Showing/hiding sections: Participants, Chat, Recorder, Notes
  • In the top right section of the meeting window, you can click on Participants, Chat, Recorder or Notes to show or hide those sections on the right side of the meeting window.

    WebEx meeting - Participants Chat Recorder Notes

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