Program representatives for convocation ceremony.

Program Representatives

If you are representing your program, you will pick up your regalia as listed below, and then report to the assembly areas in Birch Building, rooms BR161, BR162, BR166 and the new upper lower cafeteria. Programs will be listed on the doors of each room.

You will lead your graduates in the procession and be introduced on stage before proceeding across the stage to stand beside the Chancellor to congratulate your graduates.

Here are your steps

  1. Go to Birch Building, room BR126 and collect your gown.
  2. Go to either Birch Building, rooms BR161, BR162, BR166 or the new upper portion of the cafeteria and find your program (signs will be outside each room as to which room your program is in).
  3. Find the sign on the wall with your program listed on it.
  4. Assist your students in getting in alpha order (z against the wall).
  5. Make sure you have your introduction card. This will be given to you by a volunteer.
  6. When it's time for the procession, a volunteer will tell you when your row leaves and starts the procession to the Sportsplex. YOU LEAD YOUR PROGRAM.
  7. Process in with the students, stay with them in the audience.
  8. When the Procession guide tells your row to stand, follow them towards the stage.
  9. Give your introduction card to the Reading dean. She will announce your name and the program that you are representing (two separate cards).
  10. Cross the stage and stand next to Chancellor. You will see footsteps there... Stand on them!
  11. Shake hands with your students as they cross. Pose for picture with them.
  12. When your last student goes across, follow them off stage and return to your seat.

Platform party member

If you are not representing your program as above, but would still like the students to see your smiling face on stage, you can be part of the platform party. Please pick up your regalia as listed below and stay in Birch Building, room BR126, the Centre for Community Engagement, for further instructions.

Audience member

If you would love to come but don't want to be part of the pageantry, that's okay too! Simply let Julie Vanderyagt know by email so that we know numbers for the ceremony.


All faculty can pick up their regalia (if you don't already have your own or haven't kept it from previous years) from Birch Building, room BR126, the Centre for Community Engagement, no later than a half hour before the ceremony. Your gowns will be arranged for you by ceremony time. Please let Julie Vanderyagt know your height and highest credential if it has changed, or if this is your first convocation.

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