Naxos Music Library - World

      Posted: January 30, 2018

      Experience the musical globe with Naxos Music Library - World. 

      On trial until March 31, 2018, Naxos Music Library - World provides access to thousands of streaming audio tracks from around the globe.

      Representing the musical heritage and output of over 150 countries, Naxos World includes recordings from every cultural location on the planet, available anytime, anywhere you have access to the internet. Explore via geographic region (map or alphabetical list), artist, song or album.

      Naxos World includes a built-in music player and can be streamed anywhere with an internet connection. Use is limited to five simultaneous listeners - if you are denied access, try again in a little while.  Remember to sign out and/or close your browser to allow access to other users. 

      All Smithsonian Folkways recordings are included.

      Started in 1948, Smithsonian Folkways recordings is unique and renowned recording project that has captured the sounds of cultures from around the globe. It continues to record, preserve and disseminate music in hopes of fostering cultural engagement, diversity and understanding. Naxos World includes the entire Smithsonian Folkways catalogue.

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      The Library will be making a decision by March 31 about whether or not to subscribe to Naxos World. Your feedback is a major component of the decision-making process. Please help us by trying out this resource and sharing your experience and insight. 

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