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    Staff Picks

    • Every month some of our staff members' favorite books go on display on the side of the popular bookshelf on the main floor. Check them out in the library, or reserve them right here - you might find something you like!

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      Staff Picks for September 2017

      Breakfast at Tiffany's

      Breakfast at Tiffany's
      by Truman Capote
      Dalene's Pick

      Truman Capote hated everything about the movie. Read the book and then watch the film and see for yourself.
      North of Normal

      North of Normal
      by Cea Sunrise Person
      Brook's Pick

      This an amazing story about a young girl raised in a crazy, counter-culture family who lived off the land. When she realized all of that wasn't normal, she strove to find a way out and search for her own sense of normal. This story is about how she went from a tipi in the wilderness and eating bug stew and bear meat to how she navigated her way on her own to become an international model by the time she was 13. It's an amazing story and a quick read. You'll love it!

      by Lindy West
      Elizabeth's Pick

      Lindy West is a hilarious and sharp writer/performer. I had heard her on a couple different podcasts before reading this book and enjoyed listening to her witty and informed advocacy of self- acceptance, fat acceptance, and gender dynamics inside and outside the comedy world. In this memoir she mixes social and political observations with personal narrative. While she doesn’t make any ground breaking statements, her writing is succinct and approachable to a broad audience. This book pairs well to episode 589 of This American Life.

      The Silmarillion
      by JRR Tolkien
      Michael's Pick

      If you approach this expecting something similar to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, you’re going to be disappointed. Make no mistake: The Silmarillion is a masterpiece, but it’s a masterpiece of a different sort. It’s not a novel so much as it is a history book: a compendium of the events that occurred during the first and second Ages of Middle Earth. It tells of the struggle against the first Dark Lord, Morgoth (to whom Sauron was but a servant), and of the rise and fall of Númenor, from whose line of kings Aragorn is descended from. It’s well worth the read, but isn’t easy beach reading by any stretch of the imagination: you have to intellectually grapple with it. As I said, it’s a history book, not a novel.