Classrooms & Computer Labs - Self-Help

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        I need a key to access the podium in the classroom or computer lab I booked

        Please come by LB 125 in the Library to sign out a key for the semester or year. Make sure to bring along your Capilano University employee ID.

        I need certain equipment for my class

        Our Equipment & Event Loans page details the available equipment that IT Services offers along with instructions on how to borrow equipment.

        I need to access my files from the podium computer

        As a faculty member, we provide you two options on where to save your files so you can easily access them from the podium computer. You can access both of these options from any podium or employee computer.

        1. G drive - this is your personal space where you can save files
        2. M drive - this is a space where you can save files for yourself or choose to share them with your students
          The instruct folder is accessible only by your department, while the student folder is accessible also by your students.


        If you did not find what you were looking for, contact IT Services.