Current Projects

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        Capilano University Website Redesign

        What is it?
        Redesign the Capilano University website ( to improve the delivery of online information to target key audiences by improving the website’s value proposition, visual impact, calls to action, selling points, audience relevance and audience engagement. Address the demonstrated higher demand for mobile-optimized online content and support an enhanced marketing strategy. Deliver search engine optimized (SEO) information in a clear, concise and consistent manner with easy and user-friendly navigation.

        Why are we doing it?
        The Capilano University website is critical to student recruitment and external stakeholder relations, supporting Capilano’s Strategic Plan 2015-2018.

        Target Completion: Summer 2018

        Contact for more information: Lorie Clay

        HRPay Project

        What is it?
        The HRPay project is a custom-built, HR and Pay system for faculty, separate from Banner but broadly integrated and dependent upon Capilano’s primary administrative application.  HRPay will replace the in-house applications FAMIS and PayLive, which together manage the collection, processing, and output of all Faculty HR and Payroll information at CapU.  These systems cover a faculty member’s career history at Capilano U from hiring to termination; their work assignments; and the translation of these into pay information.  The systems also manage larger-scale academic planning and budgeting functions, including the creation and modification of faculty positions, and the detailed analysis that drives these actions.  The complex and prescriptive rules of the Capilano Faculty Association Collective Agreement (CA) are monitored by the employees who use FAMIS to manage faculty appointments and work assignments.

        Why are we doing it? 
        Risk Management - The processes in FAMIS and PayLive are critical to the continuing operation of Capilano University.  FAMIS is utilizing old and obsolete technology for the client interface, while Paylive was developed using the more current C# language, but the underlying programming logic is complex and undocumented.  Consequently, both systems are inflexible in the face of inevitable changes and are now at risk of fatal, irrecoverable system failures.

        Target Completion: June 2018

        Contact for more information: Olga Eydelman

        Student Portal

        What is it?
        Capilano University students are faced with a wide variety of different systems that they must interact with for application, registration, instruction, ongoing administration and post-graduation at Capilano University.   The objective of this project is to provide a single entry point, a Student Portal, through which students can easily navigate their way to University systems.  In addition, this Portal will provide the University administration departments with a means of communication out to the student population.

        Why are we doing it?
        Improvement to the student experience, supporting Capilano’s Strategic Plan 2015-2018.

        Target Completion: July 2017

        Contact for more information: Susan Bush