• Mentor 2 Kirin Landis

        Kirin Lamb | Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies Candidate | Mentor 2013-2014 and 2014-2015
        Landis Li | BBA Candidate | Mentor 2013-2014 and 2014-2015

        One of the skills I improved through the Mentorship Program
        this year was my photography skills. Photos are the best way to capture our happy moments. ― Landis Li
        Read more about Landis on yourdailycap.ca.

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      • Please complete this form if you are a new international student coming to Capilano University and want to be matched with another student (mentor) for support throughout your first semester at Cap. You will be matched with a mentor based on your academic program and any specific preferences that you specify in this form. For more information email cie@capilanou.ca. Please note, we have a limited number of mentors during the Summer term. If you have not heard from your mentor shortly after your summer new international student orientation, please contact the cie@capilanou.ca and we will try our best to arrange an available mentor for the summer term. If we are unable to do this, we ask that you re-apply and request a mentor for the Fall term.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        1. Who is a mentor?
        2. A mentor is a current Cap student, either a Canadian citizen or an international student, who has been a student at Cap for at least two terms. Your mentor will guide you during your studies, help you learn about Canadian culture and customs, and invite you to international student events to create social connections.    

        3. Who is a mentee?
        4. A mentee is an international student new to Cap and/or Vancouver. 

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        International Leadership & Mentorship Program at Capilano University
        Mentee Agreement

        1. I agree that the CIE can provide the above information about me to all mentors involved in the International Leadership and Mentorship Program at Cap. This information will be held in confidentiality between the mentors and program coordinator.
        2. I understand that at any time during my participation in the program, I can email (saveenasaran@capilanou.ca) or phone (604 990 7929)  Saveena Saran, International Outreach and Events Officer, Centre for International Experience with any concerns.
        3. I agree that at any time I need to remove myself from the program, I will immediately email (saveenasaran@capilanou.ca) or phone (604 990 7929) Saveena Saran, International Outreach and Events Officer, Centre for International Experience.
        4. I understand that all program participants (including mentors and other mentees) will be required to agree to a similar agreement.
        5. Please note, your mentor will be contacting you within one week of your New International Student Orientation date.