Career Paths

  • Make vacations your vocation 

    People love taking vacations. Some of these people opt for the traditional approach and choose to stay in hotels and order drinks from someone named Maurice. Still others forgo luxury and embrace the extreme: they venture into the wilderness, sleep on the ground and drink from streams. No matter. Our Tourism & Outdoor Recreation offerings cover all facets of the travel and recreation industry, from tourism management to wilderness leadership. And for our grads, that means there is a world of career opportunities to be had.

    Destination Resort Management, Tourism Management, Tourism Management for International Students

    The Destination Resort Management diploma, Tourism Management co-op diploma and Tourism Management for International Students diploma are all designed to allow students to exit the program with a diploma or ladder into the Bachelor of Tourism Management degree. Each of these programs falls under the umbrella of Tourism Management. Tourism Management graduates can look forward to careers such as these:

    • Airline Attendant –  Providing airline services to clients on international routes for major carriers
    • Business Development Manager – Building new customer bases and attracting new markets for tourism industry operations such as hotels or attractions, as well as destinations
    • Entrepreneur – Starting, owning and operating a variety of tourism operations
    • Event Coordinator – Coordinating events for Chambers of Commerce and other agencies
    • Food & Beverage Supervisor/Manager 
    • Front Desk Associate – Client relations and customer service at major hotels
    • Group Reservations Coordinator – Coordinates reservations, room blocks and contracts for large groups and assist with on-site meetings and events for hotels, resorts or conference centres
    • Human Resources Coordinator/Manager – Coordinating human resources team for tourism operators, hotels, conference centres
    • Marketing and Visitor Centre Coordinator – Coordinating overall marketing and promotions for a community, as well as visitor information services for tourists
    • Operations Coordinator/Manager – Coordinating operations for tour companies
    • Sales and Events Specialist – Coordinating and promoting events for conference centres
    • Sales and Marketing Manager/Director – Managing sales and marketing for tourism operators, hotels, destination marketing organizations, travel service companies
    • Visitor Information Counselor, Digital Marketing Assistant and other positions with Destination Marketing Organizations

    Wilderness Leadership Certificate

    The Wilderness Leadership Certificate provides students with the specific skills needed to guide and instruct clients in outdoor settings. Students completing this certificate may choose to ladder into the Outdoor Recreation Management Diploma. The Outdoor Recreation program provides students with exposure to the commercial outdoor recreation industry, as well as the skills and knowledge to act as managers in outdoor recreation operations. Here are some career paths for Wilderness Leadership graduates:

    • Canoe Instructor/Guide – Instructing canoe courses for youth or guiding multi-day wilderness canoe trips in wilderness areas
    • Climbing Gym Instructor – Instructing indoor rock climbing at a variety of facilities
    • Dog Sledding Guide – Guiding dog sledding tours locally, or in Alberta and the Yukon
    • Hiking Guide – Guiding hiking trips for children or adults in many different locations
    • Nordic Ski Instructor – Instructing Nordic ski techniques to children or adults
    • Outdoor Education Instructor – Instructing youth in outdoor education for summer camps or educational institutions
    • Outdoor Education Teacher – Teaching outdoor education within high school outdoor programs after also receiving their teaching degrees
    • Rafting Guide – Guiding raft trips locally in the Squamish area or in the British Columbia interior
    • Sailing Instructor – Instructing sailing courses along the BC coast
    • Sea Kayak Guide – Guiding sea kayak trips locally along the BC coast or in international locations such as Baja, Mexico and New Zealand

    Outdoor Recreation

    The career possibilities in the outdoor recreation industry are as big and as sprawling as a mountain view:

    • Adventure Guide – Winter and summer
    • Entrepreneur 
    • Fundraiser – Raising money for an environmental organization, conservation group, or foundation
    • Lobbyist – Professional lobbying for an environmental organization, or conservation group
    • Management Consultant – Focusing on corporate challenge, team building & development
    • Outdoor Education Instructor – Instructing at an environmental center or outdoor center
    • Parks Ranger or Managers – For provincial or national parks
    • Programmer, Program Director or Manager – For outdoor center, municipal parks and recreation, environmental center, environmental organization, or conservation group
    • Researcher – for environmental organizations or conservation groups
    • Teacher – teaching in outdoor programs or programs with an environmental focus after also receiving their teaching degree