Early Childhood Care & Education Certificate Program Requirements

  • This certificate is embedded within the Degree and Diploma programs.

    Continuation in each term of the programs is dependent upon the demonstration of satisfactory interpersonal, academic, and teaching/guiding skills. C- is the minimum acceptable grade in all courses within the certificate. Students must also meet the university graduation requirements.

    ECCE 100 Level Courses   Course Credits Required Credits
    Credits 27.00
    Required: 27.00
    EDUC 121 Introduction to Centre Administration 3.00  
    EDUC 159 Working with Young Children in Inclusive Group Settings 3.00  
    EDUC 166 Child Development I 3.00  
    EDUC 168 Child Development II 3.00  
    EDUC 173 Curriculum Development I 3.00  
    EDUC 178 Caring & Learning in Early Years Settings 3.00  
    EDUC 179 Guiding Young Children 3.00  
    EDUC 183 Curriculum Development II 3.00  
    EDUC 190 Observing & Recording: Thinking with the E.L.F. 3.00  
    ECCE 200 Level Courses   Course Credits Required Credits
    Credits 12.50
    Required: 12.50
    EDUC 244 Theoretical Perspectives 3.00  
    EDUC 276 Applied Theory - Practicum I 3.00  
    EDUC 277 Applied Theory - Practicum II 3.50  
    EDUC 281 Family, School and Community 3.00  
    Breadth Requirements   Course Credits Required Credits
    Credits 3.00
    Total Program Credits 42.50
    Required: 3.00
    ENGL 100 University Writing Strategies 3.00  

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