• Be part of something special and celebrate the successes of the graduates on Convocation day!! It's a day you will never forget.

      See below for volunteer positions and click on the green bar to the left to sign up!

      Volunteer Training Day will be on Thursday, June 1st 2017 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am in Birch 247.

      Volunteer positions and information:

      Gown Pick Up
      Gown Drop Off
      Procession Guide
      Assembly Area Host
      Platform Party Hooder
      Coat Check
      Traffic Control
      Confetti Guns
      Set Up / Tear Down

      Gown Pick up

      Report to the Lower Cafeteria two hours prior to the start of the ceremony.

      Under the direction of a representative from Gaspard, you will be handing out gowns (alphabetical), caps, tassels and hoods.

      Gown Drop off

      Report to the cafeteria an hour into each of the ceremonies.

      Grads will hand you their gown. All you have to do is put them on hangers and put them into a box! A representative from Gaspard will give you more instruction if necessary.


      Report to the Sportsplex 1 hour prior to the start of the ceremony.

      Open the doors to the Sportsplex 15 - 20 minutes prior to the ceremony, when directed.

      There are NO TICKETS for graduation this year. Students have been instructed that we can guarantee seating for four guests, but cannot guarantee seating for any further guests that they choose to bring.

      Seating for all other guests is General Admission with rows for graduates with a sign on the aisle.

      There will be a reserved wheelchair area marked in tape.

      Please do not let anybody in once the procession has come down the stairs.

      Latecomers will be dealt with on a case by case basis, but in general, they can just slide in.

      After all graduates have processed into the Sportsplex, close the doors and take a seat in the first row of the seats closest to the door (seat will be marked with a reserved sign), however, one person must remain outside to deal with latecomers.

      When the students start crossing the stage, please direct students back to their seats as they leave the stage.

      Just before the recession begins, prop open both doors. Make sure that family members are not blocking the doorway.

      Procession Guide

      Report to the Sportsplex 1 hour prior to the ceremony.

      Assist the General Usher with handing out programs, and helping guests to their seats.

      As graduates process into the gym, direct the first graduate to the first seat in the far left corner. The aisle seat will be marked with a sign saying, “Graduates.”

      Count the appropriate number of students for the corresponding number of chairs in the row. After a row has been filled, direct the next graduate to the next row. The rows will cross the centre aisle so be sure to instruct the first student to go to the very end, PAST the red carpet. There should be 36 seats per row. Double check before each ceremony to make sure.

      After all graduates have processed in, take a seat in the chair set out for you by the first row.

      During the ceremony, the Parade Marshal will lead the first row to the stage. Please direct each remaining row of graduates to stand one row at a time and proceed in order to the stage. Bring each new row up when the last four or five graduates from the last row are remaining.

      Assembly Area Host

      Report to your assigned classroom (BR 161, 162, 166 and the new Upper Cafeteria) 1 hour prior to the start of the ceremony.

      Receive students and direct line-ups of graduates by program, in reverse alphabetical order, with "Z" immediately in front of the program sign and others lining up through "A". Ensure that all graduates have checked into the Registrar’s Office to receive their name card and have a cap and gown.

      On the back of their name cards, they MUST fill out their email address. Please ensure that everyone has done this. I will provide you with pencils.

      The program representatives will be lining up with the graduates as they have done before. Please hand them their Program Title Card and put them at the front of their graduates. If they are representing more than one program, have them in the line of the first of their programs.

      Platform Party Hooder

      Report to BR126 1 hour prior to the start of the ceremony, then directly following the ceremony for approx. ½ hour or so as per your discretion.

      The gowns will be in alphabetical order and have a card on each one with their details. Please preset the gowns for the next group of faculty after each ceremony.

      Faculty will need assistance pinning their hoods. Pins will be provided as will instruction on the proper technique.


      Meet at the Sportsplex just prior to the beginning of the ceremony.

      You will be seated behind the curtains back stage. The Chancellor will ask the graduates to accept their credentials and the responsibilities which it comes with it. Once the reader approaches the podium to read the names of the graduates, come onto stage from the back and take your place to their left. They will read the names and then pass you the card. Take the card and slip it onto the string face down. That's it! Once the grads are finished, you can return back stage! Please take the string and string it through the loop on the bottom to secure the bundle and give to the photographer.


      Report to the Julie Vanderyagt 1 hour prior to the start of the ceremony, unless otherwise instructed.

      This role is that of an information resource to all the students and parents that are lost and confused. Please just make yourself visible and available to answer questions. Feel free to approach those that are wandering like lost souls, they likely are!

      Once the doors have closed and the ceremony has started, if you are available, please stay around to assist any latecomers that show up.

      Coat Check

      Report to BR 170, just off of the Lower Cafeteria, one hour before the ceremony.

      You will be located in front of BR 170 receiving coats and bags from graduates to keep them secure during the ceremony. Once the ceremony has started, please lock this area and return immediately after the ceremony is complete. All ceremonies run approx. 1 hour and 45 minutes.

      Traffic Control

      Report to Jonathon Keller at the main doors of the Birch building at the beginning of your shift.

      You will be responsible, with the of the team for directing traffic in through the second entrance of the University so that we do not have any traffic going through the traffic circle outside of the Sportsplex. You will be given safety vests.

      Confetti Guns

      Report to Julie Vanderyagt in the Multipurpose room approx. 1 hour into each ceremony i.e. for 10 a.m. ceremony, meet at 11 a.m.

      Be part of the festivities in a very special way. Shoot off the confetti guns the end the ceremony!

      Set up / Tear Down

      Report to Sarah Sharp.

      Assist with the set up and tear down of the reception area.