Significance of the Mace

    • The mace depicts the authority vested in the University to grant degrees, and also incorporates the history and tradition that surrounds both the territory near our regional campuses and the vision of Capilano University.

      The mace's design portrays the unique territorial qualities of our region, which extends from Deep Cove to Mt. Currie to Earl's Cove on the Sunshine Coast. These qualities include reference to the animal world, to the landscape, to the directional symbolism and to the human element. It is carved from yew, which is a natural wood found in our region.

      Responsibilities for bearing the mace originated in the office of the Bedellus or Beadle and date back to the University of Glasgow, which was founded in 1451. The function of the Bedellus was to keep the students in order, and on the days of public functions he arranged the seats for dignitaries.

      The duties of the Bedellus have varied greatly over the centuries. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the incumbent was required to regulate bonfire settings and purchase university supplies. Officially, the Bedellus is responsible for administration of the university's facilities.

      The most prominent role of Bedellus was and continues to be on ceremonial occasions, leading the academic procession and carrying the university mace. In keeping with this longstanding tradition, our ceremonial mace will be carried by Susan Doig, Capilano University's Director of Facilities.

    • Convocation - mace