Academic Regalia

    • The cap and gown are traditional regalia that each university student looks forward to putting on to mark the milestone of their achievements. But what do they mean? Why a cap and gown?

      Academic regalia dates back to medieval times when university studies were often held in cold unheated churches and the robes were worn for warmth. The monks studying would often have their heads shaved in the traditional tonsure (shaved head for humility) and therefore the hoods were necessary for warmth as well. The hoods were later replaced by skull caps which we now know as our classic mortarboard.

      In the nineteenth century, the hoods and robes began to take on various colours and styles to indicate level and area of study.

      At Capilano University we follow the Intercollegiate Code, as best we can, to determine the colour and trimmings on our hoods. The main hood is black, with the inside trim being a rich blue which is Capilano University’s official colour. The trim on the hood indicates the Faculty, and the piping represents the particular program. In cases where there is a particular colour outlined in the Intercollegiate Code for the specific area of study, the colour may vary within a Faculty as seen in the Early Childhood Care and Education hood.

      Similarly, the tassel is the colour of the Faculty that the graduate belongs to.

      Cap U’s trim colours

      Faculty of Business and Professional Studies - Brown

      • Bachelor of Business Administration - Brown
      • Bachelor of Legal Studies (Paralegal) - Brown with purple piping
      • Bachelor of Communication Studies - Brown with red piping

      Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts - Pink

      • Bachelor of Music in Jazz - Pink
      • Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts - Pink with white piping
      • Bachelor of Performing Arts - Tobacco with pink trim

      Faculty of Global and Community Studies - Green

      • Bachelor of Tourism Management - Green

      Faculty of Education, Health and Human Development - Maroon

      • Bachelor of Music Therapy - Maroon
      • Bachelor of Early Childhood Care and Education - Light blue

      Faculty of Arts and Sciences - Gold

      • Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behaviour Analysis - Autism - Gold
      • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies - Gold with white piping