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  • About Chemistry

    A medical researcher investigating a potential cure for cancer, an astronaut who has been given the task of retrieving and repairing a communication satellite, an environmentalist devoted to the goal of saving an endangered species in the tropical rainforests, or a patent lawyer responsible for providing sound financial and marketing advice to a large industrial company. What do all of these professionals have in common? The answer is remarkably simple… they are all chemists. After all, there is a reason why chemistry is referred to as the central science.  

    The Chemistry department of Capilano University offers a complete selection of university transferable courses at the first and second year levels, ranging from analytical and physical to organic and inorganic chemistry. Students can use these courses towards an Associate of Science degree, Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Applied Science degree at a recognized university.

    All chemistry courses include weekly three-hour laboratory periods unless otherwise stated.  The cost of the labs is included in the course tuition fee, except for lab manuals and safety glasses.  Students in second-year labs must also have their own lab coats.  Students are required to attend their first lab session or risk losing their seat in the course. 

    Chemistry and Engineering Pathways 

    Fall 2017/Spring 2018 (pdf) 

    Chemistry Engineering pathway