Write your Resume

    • To win that all important interview, you need to have a resume that stands apart from the rest on the recruiters desk.  A strong resume will highlight your relevant qualifications, experience and accomplishments to prospective employers.  It will demonstrate your ability to meet their needs and persuade them to invite you in for an interview.  Why is developing a strong resume so important?

      • On average, recruiters spend only 5-7 seconds reviewing a resume.
      • More and more organizations are using software which filters out approximately 75% of resumes based on specific key words.
      • Just one spelling mistake can send your resume to the “no” pile.
      • A good resume predicts how you might do in your future job, view it as a sample work project.

      Preparing a resume can be frustrating and time consuming, but it is worth the extra time to assemble a strong resume to help you land your dream job!  Worried? Don’t be! The Career Development Centre have created an easy-to-read Career Development Centre Resume Guide (pdf) detailing how to prepare your resume. There is also a  Sample Resume Template (docx) to help you start to organize your information. Before you upload or submit your resume by email, read our guidelines on how to create an Applicant Tracking System (pdf) friendly resume to avoid your resume being rejected due to a simple formatting error. 

      The handbook and template are provided to help you get started. We recommend that you book an appointment with us for a resume review. 

      Students and Alumni are always welcome to drop by the Career Development Centre during drop-in hours or book an appointment, and have an advisor review their cover letter and resume.