Career Development Centre Feedback Form

    • Please take 2 minutes to complete the following questions about your visit to the Career Development Centre. Your valuable responses will help us to provide a service that fits Capilano University student needs. Thank you.

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      One-on-One Appointment With a Career Development Advisor
      I felt listened to, understood, and supported throughout the meeting.

      I felt more confident, knowledgeable, or satisfied after the appointment.

      The support I received was (or will be) helpful with achieving my career goals.

      I would recommend a one-on-one meeting with a career development advisor to others.

      Career Development Workshop (Lunch and Learn or Classroom Workshop)
      The workshop PowerPoint or materials are useful and easy to understand.

      The facilitator was well prepared and knowledgeable.

      The pace of workshop was satisfactory.

      I gained more knowledge or skills about the topic discussed.

      I would recommend this workshop to others.

      Career Development Centre Online Resources and Job Boards
      The resources were useful and up-to-date.

      The resources were easy to access and understand.

      I would recommend the resources to others.

      Career Development Centre Career Fair or Event
      The event/career fair was suitable to my area of study or work industry.

      The timing of event/career fair was satisfactory.

      My overall experiences with employers/ event speakers/ staff were informative and useful.

      The event/career fair motivated me to take action related to my career.

      I would attend this kind of event/fair again and recommend it to others.

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