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      Here are what some of the Cap U faculty members who have used this service have to say:

      Christine Hoppenrath, Instructor, School of Communication
      Maja -- and her team-- were phenomenal. Maja has visited three of my classes explaining cover letters and resumes to them. Then she met students individually to go over their workplace documents. Students told me this was SO useful as they were able to apply what they learned immediately and secure a part time job in no time at all. On top of that, Maja assigned a grade to the students' preparedness for the meeting. This motivated them even more. This grade also helped me considerably. This is an incredible service!

      Christy Dodds, Instructor, School of Tourism Management
      Working with the Career Development Centre to customize workshops for my students has been a great success. It is a pleasure to work with a small team of professionals who understand student concerns in the job search process.

      Sue Dritmanis, Instructor, School of Communication
      My CMNS 498 Communications Practicum students are required, for this course, to create a LinkedIn account. Thanks to Maja Horgas’s presentation, they were able to make significant improvements to their existing accounts, and for those new to the platform, her very thorough and timely advice was extremely helpful. I was particularly impressed with how Maja adapted her advice specifically to the field of professional communications, offering examples and observations that the students could easily relate to. I would also like to thank the Career Development Centre for their ongoing support of our students. Several have taken advantage of one-on-one sessions with advisors in order to revise their resumes, tweaking the content and the design for maximum employer appeal. The Career Development Centre is an invaluable resource for us and our students.

      David Geary, Instructor, School of Motion Picture Arts
      I have been lucky to invite the Career Development Centre in as Guest Instructors to my Communications courses on several occasions. They always have the current info on resumes, cover letters, networking, and latest trends in the job market. I appreciate the extra effort they take to cater to the film and documentary industries we work in. They've been a great support to my teaching, my students, and make job hunting fun and informative.

      Lindy Tucker, Instructor, School of Legal Studies
      The Career Development Centre has been a fantastic resource for the Legal Administrative Assistant program. Sessions on resume writing, cover letters, networking, and LinkedIn have benefited our students immensely. Furthermore, one-on-one sessions with our students have allowed our students to take their resumes and cover letters to the next level.

      Ki Wight, Instructor, School of Motion Picture Arts
      After participating in the Career Development Centre workshops, our students told us they felt much more confident about their job interviewing and business networking skills. The students really appreciated the chance to practice these skills with the help of enthusiastic and skilled professionals.

      Karen Okun, Instructor, Faculty of Business and Professional Studies
      I promote our the Career Development Centre department in all of my classes at CapU. Students get overwhelmed with information each year, even with information that can be helpful to them. Showing them where to find the Career Development Centre on the website, and saying the words ‘free resume, cover letter and interview support’ while you’re a CapU student AND when you’re CapU alumni seems to drive home the value – especially when they are looking for work.
      Working with CapU Career Development Centre directly in my classroom is so easy. I make contact via email at the beginning of the term to book time for resume and/or cover letter workshops. The Career Development Centre team arrives with both online and print resources and delivers a presentation on the topic of choice. Students often report hitting a roadblock when it comes to getting their resume organized or updated. After the workshop students are always thankful for getting their questions answered and for the take-away of hands-on, practical materials for completing these documents successfully. The Career Development Centre team also makes themselves available to my students individually after they have created their draft documents. This service can cost hundreds of dollars when using a private organization. This is a valuable resource for our students.

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