Practicum Information

  • The North American Business Management Post Baccalaureate (NABU) and the North American Business Management Applied Post Baccalaureate (NABU Applied) programs provides international students and new immigrants to Canada with an opportunity to apply their new business skills in a Canadian context. 

    Upon completion of their studies on campus, students complete a two month (NABU) or a six-month (NABU Applied) practicum. The responsibility for securing a practicum position rests with the student; however, faculty work closely with students and the business community to facilitate the arrangement of practicum placements. Though students are welcome to find a paid practicum it should be noted that most practicums are unpaid.  Students are eligible for graduation at the end of a successful practicum.

    Practicum Opportunities

    This work practicum is beneficial to both our students and Canadian employers in the following ways:

    Benefits for our Students

    • Provides an opportunity for students to apply new skills and knowledge gained in the classroom in a North American business environment.
    • Allows students to build relationships and connections with potential future employers or business partners.
    • Improves communications and English language skills.
    • Allows students to explore and experience various job environments, positions and type of work leading to clearer career goals and direction.
    • Allows students to learn new business skills on the job and gain industry specific knowledge
    • Provides an opportunity for networking and building professional relationships with key industry contacts.
    • Contributes positively to student’s professional resume.
    • Helps students gain self-confidence, personal awareness and interpersonal skills.
    • Students form lasting friendships with Canadian colleagues

    For the Employer

    • Provides additional needed skilled team members at no cost.
    • Enables important projects on the “to do” list to finally get resources and completed.
    • Brings in fresh, new energy, ideas and modern approaches.
    • International language and culture expertise allows assessment of or expansion into international markets.
    • Reduced recruitment costs due to no cost trial of possible new long term team members.
    • Allows access to, and stronger relationships with academic business faculty.
    • Boosts brand awareness, credibility and corporate goodwill in your community.

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    For employers interested in a practicum student, please contact

    NABU Students Making Industry Connections

    NABU project management students hosted 22 industry experts from Vancouver international business community.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Do I have to find my own practicum?

    Yes. Students are solely responsible for finding and securing their work practicum placement. Capilano faculty are available to support, assist and guide these efforts as needed. Some introduction to practicum opportunities may be provided by the university. Faculty will also monitor and support you while you are out on the job.

    Q. What makes a practicum different from regular work experience?

    The practicum is defined as a learning experience incorporating mentoring and professional supervision. A regular work experience involves meeting expectations of tangible results and achievement of performance objectives as well as critical evaluation and assessment.

    Q. When do I start the practicum?

    Your practicum will begin after the completion of all your program course work. ;You work should begin in the first week of July and end late August. Students may begin their practicum part-time in May and June if required by the employer or desired by the student.

    Q. How do I plan for the practicum?

    You should start planning for your practicum as early in the term as possible. Research should be conducted throughout the first and second term. Resumes and professional profile needs to be sent to the graduate office by March 1. You should be sending out resumes and conducting interviews during the months of May and June. Make sure to align your prospective employer targets with your personal career goals in terms of type of work and industry.

    Q. What should I expect from the practicum experience?

    If you are interested, motivated and take advantage of the learning opportunities, you will gain an invaluable work experience. You will need to establish good communication with your supervisor/mentor and co-workers who can provide feedback on your work performance.