Board of Governors Elections

      • Spring 2017 Board Student Election

        Up for Election:

        • 2 Student Representatives, with a term of August 1, 2017 - July 31, 2018

        Elected: Imroz Ali

                        Hassan Merali

        Not Elected: Uncontested

        Thank you to all candidates for their participation in the election and their willingness to participate as a representative on the University Board of Governors.

      • Spring 2017 BOG Student Election Timeline

         DateAction Duration 
         Thursday, March 9 Call for nominations Two weeks
         Thursday, March 30 Call for nominations (extended) CLOSED Two week
         Monday, April 3: 11:30am Orientation (BR247) 
         Thursday, April 6, 12:01 am Voting OPEN One week
         Wednesday, April 12, 11:59pm Voting CLOSED 
        Tuesday, April 18 Election Results Announced (Posted in two working days)


        Fall 2016 Student By-Election Results

        Student Representatives   
        Elected Length of Term 
        Elie Lubendo  ending July 31, 2017
        Not Elected   
        Kelsey Silk   

        Spring 2016 Student Election Results

        Student Representatives
        Elected Length of Term
        Michelle Gervais1 Year
        Rhita Hassar1 Year
        Not Elected 
        Alysa Huppler-Poliak


        Spring 2015 Election Results

        Faculty Representatives  
        Elected Length of Term 
        Michael Flemming 3 years 
        Aurelea Mahood 3 years 
        Not Elected   
        Jorge Oceguera  


        Non-Faculty Representative   
        Elected Length of Term 
        Christopher Clarke 3 years 
        Not Elected   
        Marnie Findlater   
        Shannon He   
        Kimberly Read (Retracted)  
        Janine Smith   
        Milton Williams   


        Student Representatives  
        Elected Length of Term 
        Natahsha Prakash 1 year 
        Rhita Hassar 1 year 
        Not Elected   
        Kalvin Divorski   
        Benjamin Glassen   
        James Jeffery  
        Benjamin Lawton   
        Howard Rubin   
        Zachary Thompson   


        Spring 2014 Student Election Results

        Students Elected Length of Term 
        Calvin DeGroot1 year 
        Natasha Prakash1 year 
         Students Not Elected
           Brandon Hofmarks
           Julian Kolstee


        Spring 2013 By-Election Results

        Non-Faculty Representative
        ElectedLength of Term
        Kimberly Read 2
        Not Elected  

        Spring 2013 Student Election Results

        Student Representative  
        ElectedLength of Term
        Tiaré Jung1 year
        Natasha Prakash1 year
        Not Elected
        Brandon Hofmarks
        Brooklyn Kemp

        Capilano Board Election Procedures

        For definitions and election rules and procedures, please see the Capilano  Board Election Procedures (pdf).

        Composition of Board

        As per the University Act, the Board of Governors is composed of:

        (a) the chancellor;
        (b) the president;
        (c) 2 faculty members elected by the faculty members;
        (d) 8 persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, 2 of whom are to be appointed from among persons nominated by the alumni association;
        (e) 2 students elected from students who are members of an undergraduate student society or a graduate student society;
        (f) one person elected by and from the employees of the university who are not faculty members.

        Contact Information

        For more information about the Board of Governors Elections, please contact the Assistant to the Registrar at 604-990-7846 or

        For all other Board of Governors information, please direct all correspondence and/or enquiries to the Executive Assistant to the Board of Governors, Marika Morissette, at

      • Elections are run by the Registrar's Office
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