Is Our Program Right For You?

  •  Do you want to...  Then...
    Run a festival? Yes!
    Be a talent agent?        Yes!
    Be a stage manager?     No. Technical theatre's your thing.
    Market entertainment events?     Yes!
    Work in video gaming?     No.
    Work in film production?     No. Try the film department.
    Make a film?     No. Try the film department.
    Start a theatre company?     Yes!
    Manage your own career as an artist?     Yes!
    Be a tour manager? Yes!
    Work in sports management? This could be for you, but tourism or event management might also work for you.
    Work in theatre production? Technical theatre is for you.
    Produce records? Alas, we're not for you.
    Work in fundraising for the arts? Yes!
    Manage a venue? Yes!
    Be in A&R? The '90s are for you.
    Work in Music Supervision and licensing?     Yes! From the artist representation side.
    Work at a record label? Yes!
    Be a casting director? Maybe. We'll give you the skills to work for a casting agent, but you may consider film or theatre as well.
    Organize concerts? Yes!
    Work in admin for a arts/entertainment company? Yes!
    Build sets and props? No. Try Technical theatre.
    Design and build costumes? No. Try the costume department.
    Promote an artist? Yes!
    Work for a film festival? Yes!
    Manage a box office? Yes!
    Provide artist hospitality? Yes!
    Get paid to promote bands on Facebook? Yes! That really is a job!
    Be a radio promoter? Yes!