Board Policies

      • Board policies are available here in PDF format.

        Policy Number Procedure
        Credit Free Activities Memo 15  
        Vision, Values, Mission, Goals and Strategic Directions B.101  
        Policy Development and Management  B.102
        Program Advisory Committees B.103  
        Discontinuance of Programs or Courses B.104  
        Establishment and Discontinuance of Faculties B.105  
        Program and Course Review and Approval B.106 B.106.1, B.106.2 
        Academic Schedule PolicyB.107 
        Credit and Non-Credit CoursesB.108  
        Policy Number  Procedure
        Investment Policy B.201  
        Tuition Policy B.202  
        Emergency Bursaries and Fee Waivers B.203  
        Board Scholarships B.204  
        Retirement Recognition for Capilano University Employees B.205  
        Budget Policy B.206  
        Expenses and Reimbursement - Board Members B.207  
        Expenses - ReimbursementB.208 
        Policy Number  Procedure
        First Nations - Policy Statement Memo 26  
        Distinguished Alumni Award Memo 48  
        The One to Watch Alumni Award Memo 50  
        Administrator Emeritus Memo 53  
        Naming of Buildings, Spaces and Programs, Guidelines for Recognition, Fundraising, Donors, Etc. B.301  
        Expenses - Meetings and Hostings, Other Gatherings of Employees or Community Members B.302  
        Capilano University Foundation, Charitable Donations B.304  
        System for Naming of Buildings at Capilano University B.305  
        Board Bylaws B.306  
        Capilano University Foundation, Gift Acceptance  B.307  
        Board of Governors Charter B.308  
        Board Member and Board Chair Role Descriptions B.309  
        Protected Disclosure - Whistleblowers B.310B.310.1
        Employee - Student RelationshipsB.311B.311.1 
        Health, Safety & Environment
        Policy Number Procedure
        Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy
        College Facilities and Equipment - Use by Employees Memo 11  
        Human Resources
        Policy Number Procedure
        Appointments of Personnel B.501  
        President, Responsibilities B.502  
        Administrators, Conditions of Employment B.503  
        Exempt Employees, Conditions of Employment B.504  
        University Contributions to Employee's RRSP B.505  
        Standards of Conduct B.506  
        Term-Defined Administrator Policy B.507  
        Term-Defined Exempt Employee Policy B.508  
        Administrator Compensation
        Employment Contracts - Vice Presidents
        Information Technology     
         Copyright Policy B.601 
        Student Services     
        Student Code of Conduct B.701 B.701.1, B.701.2