2017-2018 Budget

      • Budget Process Update
        February 3, 2017

        Update: information about the current budget year and 2017/18 budget planning process

        The 2016/17 budget

        As a result of sound financial management and diligent attention to our expenses, we are pleased to report that Capilano University is in a stable financial position. Moreover, a surplus of approximately $2 million has been identified for reinvestment in the University’s current operations.

        Priorities to allocate the surplus are focused on investing in our two strategic goals: building our operational capacity and growing the number of students attending Capilano University.

        The priorities were identified through our operating planning process in which all faculties and departments participated. The priorities include investing an additional $250,000 in bursaries—to increase our financial support to students with verifiable needs. Advertising, brand implementation, recruitment efforts, and facilities upgrades have also been identified as spending priorities that directly support our strategic goals.

        Looking ahead: the 2017/18 budget

        In tandem with addressing the current year’s surplus, we are actively preparing our 2017/18 budget, which will continue to reflect our stronger financial position. More details will follow in our next February 2017 budget update.

        Although many unforeseen variables can impact longer term forecasting, at this time, we anticipate being able to maintain our strengthened financial position, which will allow is to further invest in our operations on an ongoing basis.

        2017-2018 Budget Q&A

        Budget Process Update
        November 17, 2016

        Dear colleagues,

        As you know, our commitment to ensuring student success remains a top priority. As we begin preparing the 2017/18 budget, Capilano University will continue to make decisions that support this core value, as well as align with the goals outlined in the 2015-18 Strategic Plan, including targeting resources to increase enrolments, developing new degree offerings, building capacity and improving communications.

        Budget Timeline
        Throughout the budget planning process, there are a number of key milestones and opportunities for consultation.

        These dates are outlined in the following budget timeline:

        October 31/16: Develop budget strategy
        November 3/16: Update to Audit Committee
        November 15/16: Establish preliminary 2017/18 budget position
        November 29/16: Consultations with Senate Budget Advisory Committee
        * Post-November 29/16: Share with unions (Capilano Faculty Association and Move‐Up)
        January 15/17: Final deliberations as informed by Operation Plans
        January 24/17: Consultations with Senate Budget Advisory Committee
        * Post-January 24/17: Share with unions (Capilano Faculty Association and Move‐Up)
        February 7/17: Update to Audit Committee
        February 21/17: Draft budget to Board of Governors for approval
        March 14/17: Final budget to Board of Governors for approval

        * scheduling underway

        More information to come
        I will continue to keep you informed of new developments as we proceed through the budget process, but if you have any questions or feedback, please contact budget@capilanou.ca.

        For more details on Capilano University’s budget process, including our financial framework, budget assumptions and strategic priorities, please read the 2017/18 Budget and Fiscal Planning document.


        Paul Dangerfield
        President, Capilano University