Friday Message from the President: A few of my favourite places right now (and they're all within your reach)

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Little Paddles for CapU's 50th Celebration and the Legacy Canoe

April 17, 2020

Hello CapU,

A month ago, we implemented the transformation of our academic delivery model to remote teaching as the core component of CapU’s response to COVID-19. In the weeks since we have all found ourselves paddling hard in the current of a sea change. Along the journey, I have discovered many examples of originality and resourcefulness, particularly in how we stay connected and support each other.

In my role, I am fortunate to be able to draw limitless inspiration from students and faculty. Two examples of how we are reaching out to encourage and amaze communities beyond our campus include HUBBUB 2, a unique innovation initiative uniting CapU students, instructors and City of North Vancouver staff and partners—see for yourself in their online showcase. And I’ve been awestruck by the virtual browsing experience that is the graduate reels for the class of IDEA 2020.

Then there is the incredible range of relevant content on the Capilano Students’ Union’s Quarantine Corner Facebook page. From cooking to coaching videos on managing emotions (think breathing, posture and movement) the “Corner” is a place to visit that keeps me coming back for more. Thank you, CSU.

Lastly, if you aren’t already following them, @capustudentlife on Instagram is hosting conversations, virtual dance parties and even contests in their signature style of spirited engagement. It’s a positive and uplifting space, just like the people who make it happen.

Thank you for letting me share some of what inspires me this week. CapU is truly a caring community.

Keep well, stay connected,


Paul Dangerfield

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