Friday message from the President: somewhere in the middle

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April 3, 2020
Hello CapU,
In the past week, major initiatives announced by our federal and provincial governments to address Canada’s response to COVID-19 have underscored the depth and breadth of impacts locally and worldwide.
With every direction and decision come more questions. We see this complexity in our own operations. I want you to know we are listening to your input, hearing your concerns and trying to make the best possible decisions to facilitate completion of this semester and plan how we will go forward in the months ahead.
I have a feeling many of us are having thoughts and conversations that begin: “When this is all over…” Perhaps you’ve been thinking about activities you’d like to resume, or new priorities are emerging for you based on this experience. There is a combination of anticipation, creativity and confusion in this type of reflection, with so much still unknown. Still, I believe it is helpful to think this way, just as it is humbling to realize that the future will unfold only partially by design.
Somewhere in the middle, we will find our way.
As we approach the homestretch of the spring semester, please continue to watch for important announcements from the University. We intend to do everything we can to improve the current situation. Our commitment to all of you is constant.
Paul Dangerfield

Submitted by: President's Office