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2021-2022 on Campus

The Fall 2021 term commences on September 7, 2021.

Visit CapU's Academic Schedule & Important Dates for a full calendar listing. 

Capilano University is open. Courses are running remotely (online), in-person, or with a hybrid model of delivery. The Registrar's Office is serving students remotely 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m. via email at registration@capilanou.ca and phone at 604 984 4900 (or +1 604 984 4900 from outside Canada). The Birch Building cafeteria space and the Library are open with quiet study areas for students who need Wi-Fi access. Our Student Services and Academic Support Services are available to assist students remotely.


Updated August 11, 2021


The majority of classes at Capilano University will be in person with some courses being taught online or in a mixed-mode approach (online and in person). This is expected to continue for the 2021–2022 academic year. We are thoughtfully planning our return to campuses and learning locations based on public health guidance, WorkSafeBC requirements and input from our community.


Updated August 11, 2021

Yes, this is a great time to be a student at Capilano University. During the COVID-19 pandemic our teaching faculty have been responsive to the changes, and quickly re-structured their courses for an online environment. Students learned that our programs are rooted in our people and their expertise as educators, scholars and industry leaders. A university education supports life-long aptitudes in problem-solving, adaptability and resiliency that that are essential to work and life in the 21st century. Capilano Uniersity is excited to welcome student back to campus for 2021-2022. The majority of classes at Capilano University will be in person this year with some courses being taught online or in a mixed-mode approach (online and in person).

August 26, 2021

The CapU Student Residence remains open and will provide accommodation to CapU students for the 2021-2022 academic year. Learn about our student housing and how to apply

Find answers to your questions about student housing for the 2021-2022 academic year on our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact housing@capilanou.ca.


Updated August 11, 2021


On August 24, 2021 B.C.'s Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry advised that provincial orders have been updated to direct the reintroduction of mask-wearing in British Columbia--including at post-secondary institutions. Effective Wednesday, August 25, 2021 masks must be worn in all our indoor spaces, including classrooms, common areas and office spaces where the public is being served.

More information from the BC Government: Returning to Post-Secondary: What you need to know and Message from Capilano University


Updated August 26, 2021

If you are unable to wear a face covering due to a psychological, behavioural or health condition or a physical, cognitive or mental impairment OR are unable to put on or remove the face covering without the assistance of another person, you may contact Accessibility Services at access-serv@capilanou.ca and complete the mask exemption request form to provide the University with a doctor’s note to support the accommodation.

For more information, please see When and Where Do I Need to Wear a Mask?

Yes, there are currently two options for quiet individual study space:

1) Birch Building cafeteria has Wi-Fi access and 40 seats available as study space. The new, secure Wi-Fi Network for students CapU-Student is live and available at all campuses and locations. It allows students on campus access to University resources on laptops, phones and tablets. Students can connect using their CapilanoU username and password. 

2) The Library has 50 spaces on the lower floor and 50 spaces on the upper floor for quiet individual study. Study rooms on the upper floor are also available for students to reserve and use as individual study spaces. All spaces in the Library have been planned out with physical distancing in mind. 


Updated August 11, 2021



Starting September 6, 2021, TransLink is adding services where they are most needed. This includes:

  • Bringing back 10-minute SeaBus service during rush hours, and 15-minute service in the early mornings
  • Adding back Train 4 to the West Coast Express in the mornings and afternoons
  • And adding services back on routes serving students returning to in-person learning, including the 245 Phibbs/Capilano and the 255 Dundarave/Capilano University bus routes.

For the full list of Translink’s fall service changes, visit their Service Changes webpage.


Last updated August 20, 2021

The U-Pass BC program provides Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) members (Capilano University students) with unlimited access to transit in the Metro Vancouver region. The U-Pass BC program is structured as a universal and mandatory program for students at participating public post-secondary institutions. It is this universal model that makes the affordability of the U-Pass BC program possible. For students who rely on the U-Pass BC program, this means savings of up to $538 on transit passes every single term.

Certain students are exempt from the U-Pass BC program. For more information about U-Pass BC, including exemptions and eligibility details, see the U-Pass BC program update from the CSU.

Questions and comments regarding the UPass? Please contact the CSU at upass@csu.bc.ca.


Updated August 11, 2021

We want to recognize the many members of our University community are anxious about a return to campus in the fall. Should you require support or someone to talk to, there is help:

Counselling Services is available via telephone. Please call 604-984-1744 or email counselling@capilanou.ca to make appointments. 

Additionally, Here2Talk provides confidential counselling services to Canadian and international post secondary students in British Columbia 24 hours a day via app, phone and online.  Plus the BC Centre for Disease Control provides some helpful resources on mental health and well-being during COVID-19.


Updated August 20, 2021

Yes. The four COVID-19 vaccines approved by Health Canada are Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson. International students arriving in Canada who received a different vaccine in their home country that is not approved in Canada are encouraged to get re-vaccinated upon arrival in Canada with one of the four vaccines approved in Canada.
Updated August 26, 2021

You can contact Capilano University’s Wong and Trainor Centre for International Experience.


Updated June 30, 2021

August 23: Registrar’s Office (BR230) re-opens for in-person services.

September 8: In-person services re-opens for Academic Advising, Financial Aid and Student Recruitment.

In the meantime, the Registrar's Office continues to assist students through phone or online advising appointments. For questions related to academic advising, financial aid, prospective student advising or registration, please contact the appropriate team:

For more information please call 604 984 4900.


Updated August 11, 2021

We’ve created a dedicated email channel: campusready@capilanou.ca to answer questions from students and employees related to the University's return-to-campus plans and operations. 

Vaccine Declaration

To complete your declaration, your name and student or employee number will be recorded via the CapU Safe platform. In compliance with British Columbia privacy legislation, this data will be held securely by our system for one year after the collection period, or so long as is required to comply with the enhanced measure, whichever ends sooner.  It is necessary to collect this information to connect your declaration with your identification. The information will be held in confidence and used for the purposes of understanding current vaccination levels of students and employees, and consideration of whether or not additional actions are required.

It is a requirement of all students and employees to complete the self-declaration. The declaration will ask you if you are vaccinated, unvaccinated or prefer not to disclose. Students and employees who do not declare their vaccination status will receive frequent reminders that this is a requirement of Capilano University.  Those who are not vaccinated or choose not to declare their vaccination status may be required to participate in additional safety measures.

No. The declaration is for our university planning purposes, not for class entry or participation.

No. Access to use these facilities requires you show your government proof of vaccination, that is, the BC Vaccine Card.

The information collected will be used to understand the levels of vaccination/non-vaccination amongst the CapU community of students and employees. It is an enhanced measure to help inform the University’s ability to facilitate the provisions of, and monitor the safety of, in-person services across the University’s campuses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes, we are asking all students and employees to complete the vaccine declaration, including those who are primarily taking courses and working online. The information gathered is intended to assist in planning any further steps related or may be necessary to further reduce the risk of COVID-19.

The Vaccine Declaration form will be available both on the CapU Safe mobile app and via a website for desktop computer users.

The CapU Safe self-declaration form will allow you to indicate any WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccine, including those used outside of Canada.

An individual who is 14 days past the second dose of a Health Canada approved two-dose vaccine, or 14 days past a dose of a Health Canada approved single-dose vaccine is considered fully vaccinated. International students who may have received a vaccine approved by the WHO, but not approved by Health Canada, can look for further information from the BC Centre for Disease Control.

At this time, by public health order, proof of vaccination is required for students living in student housing, varsity athletes and students in health sciences involving long term care settings. Any student among these groups who may be unvaccinated or unwilling to disclose their vaccination status must wear a mask in all common areas and are highly encouraged to carry out regular rapid testing. Residents of student housing should contact housing@capilanou.ca for information about the rapid testing program for residents. Some exceptions may be facilitated/required for individuals who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, but these cases will be rare. Please see this advisory from the BC Centre for Disease Control for more information.

No. CapU’s vaccine declaration measure does not replace the province’s health order regarding the BC Vaccine CardBy order of the Provincial Health Officer, vaccination is be required for accessing non-essential university activities.
Using the BC Vaccine Card, you will need to prove vaccination in order to:
•    Live in student housing—proof of vaccination required as of September 7, 2021
•    Participate in varsity and intramural athletics   
•    Use gyms or recreation facilities
•    Participate in indoor high-intensity group exercise activities
•    Attend student clubs, sports, theatre, performances and other indoor events like conferences and workshops.   
Cafeterias providing on-campus food services are exempt from the proof of vaccination requirements. Other activities requiring proof of vaccination may be forthcoming. Please review the Government of BC website to remain informed.



Based on the COVID-19 Return-to-Campus Guidelines for B.C. post-secondary institutions, fall classes can be scheduled without physical distancing requirements. In the event our guidance from the provincial health authority changes, we will adapt. 

To learn more, visit CapU’s campus safety webpage.


Last updated August 20, 2021

This will depend on whether your courses are fully online or have some in-person components. Course registration for the Fall 2021 term is now open. When you register for your courses, the course description in MyCapU will state whether the course will be delivered in-person, online or through a hybrid online and in-person model.


Update June 30, 2021


Faculty have the option to conduct their office hours in person or online. You’ll need to refer to your instructor’s course outline for detailed information about their office hours.

We have learned a lot over the past year and will be offering more online course than before the pandemic; however, many courses in the fall will be delivered in person only, and in those cases it will not be possible to attend virtually.  


Updated June 30, 2021

Students often have classes back-to-back, and we ask that you plan your course schedule to allow for enough time to transition between classes. The University will be making spaces available so students can transition between in-person and online classes without leaving campus. We will have more information to share as health and safety plans for common areas are updated in the coming months. 


Updated June 30, 2021

Not necessarily. Alternative learning resources may not be available for in-person courses if you’re unable to attend class. Please speak with your instructor to discuss your options.


Updated June 30, 2021

If you are sick, please read CapU’s COVID-19 Illness Process Charts to understand what you should do if you feel ill while on or off campus. Instructors are only expected to deliver a course in the mode it was designated for: in-person, online or through a hybrid online and in-person model. Available supports will vary from course to course and be dependent on the length of illness, material being covered and attendance requirements. It is the student's responsibility to communicate with the instructor regarding illness that may prevent them from attending class. Decisions regarding attendance continues to be at the discretion of instructors.


Updated June 30, 2021

No. Recording a class is not permitted without prior authorization by the instructor and must follow the privacy policy of the University.


Updated June 30, 2021

Students can login to myCapU to access transcripts and mid-term marks.

Official transcripts can be ordered online via your myCapU account.

For more information about transcripts, please contact the Registrar's Office.