CapU in Photos: January 2019

CapU in Photos is our visual retrospective of campus life, proud moments and special events.

  • Feb 1

Envisioning 2030

Envisioning 2030 is the collaborative planning process that will allow Capilano University to engage our internal and external community partners to identify our preferred future.

  • Jan 28

Capilano University Celebrates 50 Years of Stories

Capilano University today unveiled its 2019 “Stories” advertising campaign, which celebrates 50 years of creativity, growth, discovery, success, pride and cheer at the University.

  • Jan 14

Capilano University’s Board of Governors welcomes three new members

Capilano University is pleased to announce three new appointments, Ash Amlani, R. Paul Dhillon and Patricia Heintzman, to its Board of Governors.

  • Jan 14

CapU in Photos: 2018 Year in Review

CapU in Photos is our visual retrospective of campus life, proud moments and special events.

  • Dec 20

Capilano Universe: Building Bridges Between Communities

Leonard George remembers the exact moment the seed for the Capilano Universe lecture series was planted. It was 2010. The CapU psychology instructor had just learned that North Shore libraries were the most heavily used per capita in Canada, and was struck by the idea that public libraries would be an excellent way to connect with the community.

  • Dec 17

EarthWorks: Inspiring Change

Watershed conservation. Climate change. Ocean acidification. Spread over the table are dozens of posters from EarthWorks, Capilano University's public lecture, film and event series that explores environmental issues from a multidisciplinary perspective.

  • Dec 17

CapU Library: Preserving our natural environment

Have you ever wondered why a tree is suspended from the ceiling in the rotunda of the Capilano University Library? Opened in October 1993, the Library building was designed by the acclaimed Vancouver architectural firm, Henriquez Partners Architects, which set two goals where the surrounding forest was concerned—preservation and commemoration of the natural landscape.

  • Dec 17

Adventures of an outdoor reckie

If it weren’t for a Bunsen burner accident, the Outdoor Recreation Management (OREC) program at Capilano University might never have come about.

  • Dec 17

Rugby scrums, road trips and ice cream

How do you ensure a rowdy bunch of beer-loving rugby players are in tip-top shape for Saturday morning games? Bob Bagshaw, the coach of Capilano College’s rugby team from 1974-1980, had a creative strategy.

  • Dec 17