Superfly Boxing (co-ed)

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Want to get in shape? Check out this high energy workout that combines boxing fundamentals with high-intensity interval training.

Event details:

Location: Capilano University - North Shore - Centre for Sports and Wellness

“When you’re boxing, you can’t think about anything else except for the person in front of you - it’s very stress relieving” - instructor Eiren Quintero.

After the initial warm-up. . . followed by an intense post-warm-up. . . get ready to sweat! This class combines basic boxing fundamentals and high-intensity interval training to boost your heart rate and burn hundreds of calories. It's co-ed and suitable for all fitness levels. Read about it in the Capilano Courier.

Drop in and try it out with our two experienced activity leaders: Dominic Guieb and Eiren Quintero.

It's free to participate; however, wraps must be purchased from the instructor.

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