Capilano Universe — The Inner Lives of Dogs: Demystifying Canine Thought

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On April 7, join CapU Psychology instructor Lesley Schimanski and help unravel the mysteries of canine cognition and emotion with the goal of strengthening the human-canine connection.

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Location: North Vancouver District Public Library - Capilano Branch

Capilano Universe — The Inner Lives of Dogs: Demystifying Canine Thought;

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a dog? Recent research demonstrates that our pawfect companions have more in common with us than we previously realized, but we cannot assume that dogs understand and experience the world the same way we do.

Do they love us like we love them? Can they understand when we talk to them? How do they communicate with us and each other? Do they expect us to be the leaders of their pack? What is it like to have super sniffing powers? We will explore these questions and more!

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Lesley Schimanski, PhD is a Faculty member in Psychology at Capilano University. Her specialization is in behavioural neuroscience, in which she studies the brain mechanisms of learning and memory in animals and humans.

She is passionate about translating the complexities of scientific research into easily understood and openly communicated information while critically evaluating its relevance. Lesley is also passionate about animal welfare. She volunteers in governance and policy roles at the BC SPCA and loves her rescue dogs!


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