Capilano Universe — Secrets of the Sages: Trance Formations in the Ancient World

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“Psychology has a short history but a long past,” wrote historian E.G. Boring. Scientific psychology began less than two centuries ago; but curiosity about human nature arose with the dawn of our species. Join Dr. Leonard George via Zoom on Thursday, Jan. 20 to learn more.

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Location: North Vancouver District Public Library - Lynn Valley Branch

Capilano Universe — Secrets of the Sages: Trance Formations in the Ancient World;

When we explore the “psychologies” of the old Near Eastern and Mediterranean realms in light of modern psychology, we find an enchantment with altering consciousness and manipulating the brain.

We will review ancient ways of controlling awareness via meditation, ritual and drugs. What did the Mysteries of Eleusis have to do with rotting grain? How did a goddess introduce the world to logic? What did Egyptian magicians do to become “immortal”? Why was Socrates paralyzed in trance for days at a time? What was Pythagoras doing down in that cave? All will be revealed.

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Leonard George, PhD is a psychologist, writer, educator and broadcaster. After earning his doctorate at the University of Western Ontario, he worked for 19 years in a variety of clinical settings, specializing in the assessment and treatment of psychotic disorders, seizure disorders, acute and chronic pain, and traumas such as severe burns and animal maulings.

He then worked in academia for 15 years as a member of the Department of Psychology and the Department of Music Therapy and served as the Chair of the School of Social Sciences at Capilano University.

As the author of two books and dozens of chapters and articles on a range of topics, he is co-editing the forthcoming text Explorations in Music and Esotericism. Leonard has given lectures and seminars around the world, and online. Twelve years ago, he launched Capilano Universe.


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