Cap Classics: Unheard - free concert

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A glorious blend of solo voice, art photography and performative costuming that gives voice to the stories of unheard women of literature, myth and legend - part of our ongoing free classical music concert series.

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Location: The BlueShore at CapU

Cap Classics: Unheard - free concert;
Cap Classics: Unheard

Generations of storytellers brought us men's actions, but this contemporary classical multimedia show shines a light on the role of women.

"Throughout millennia there is a void. It is a woman’s place. Her actions are critical yet, when her function is served, she disappears while the story celebrates the male hero. Her voice is discouraged, intimidated, silenced. Unheard." (Astrolabe Musik Theatre.)

Soprano Heather Pawsey performs new works for solo voice from Canadian composers, exploring the silenced stories of unheard women in literature, history, and mythology. Partially staged and framed within compelling photographs by artist Maggie MacPherson, with ritualistic performative costuming by Diane Park.

Show starts 11:45 a.m. and it's free.

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