The Alumni Awards of Excellence is an opportunity to annually recognize the achievements of our extraordinary alumni.

Five awards are honoured to individuals who exemplify one of our Brand Essences: Luminous, Unified, Enduring, Confident and Creative.

The Alumni Awards of Excellence program has honoured more than 125 people and organizations who have distinguished themselves and Capilano University through their contributions, accomplishments and positive influence on their communities.

Previous recipients have included Dr. Thomas Kerr, world renowned HIV/AIDS research pioneer, and best-selling author and playwright Anosh Iran.

2020 Alumni Award of Excellence Recipients

Each of our 2020 award recipients are ourstanding contributors to their communities, learn more about them below.

2021 Alumni Award of Excellence nominations

Nominations are now open for our 2021 Alumni Awards of Excellence. Nominations can be submitted online via the nomination form or sent to

The selection committee will accept nominations for alumni candidates from various stakeholders in our community, including but not limited to: students, alumni, faculty & staff, employers of alumni, vendors, family and friends.

The selection committee will review materials submitted for each candidate and select those candidates who are deemed to best represent the award they have been nominated for based upon the criteria established for each award.  

Here are the steps to submitting your nomination for the Alumni Awards of Excellence. Ensure you get your submission in on time – key dates and deadlines are above. 

  1. Review the criteria for the award categories and suggestions about supporting documents to include.
  2. Submit the Alumni Awards of Excellence Nomination Form as well as your nomination statement, letters of support, and nominee’s declaration. Nominations are accepted online through our website.
  3. A detailed statement of support for your nominee is a key part of the nomination package. Please include examples of how your nominee fulfils the criteria for the award category for which you are making the nomination.
  4. A thoughtful and substantive statement in support of your nominee is very important in helping the committee with its selections.
  5. It is recommended that the nominator should take the lead in requesting additional support materials to enhance the nomination. You are encouraged to involve the nominee in the process. This is a confidential process; others may not be aware of this nomination unless they are notified by you. Letters of support should provide further details about your nominee and may be provided by former students, colleagues, fellow alumni, etc. Please ensure that you share the awards criteria with those providing supporting documents.

If available, please include the nominee’s resumé or other supporting materials that will inform the selection committee’s decision.

The selection committee is comprised of representatives from the Capilano University Board of Governors, Alumni Association Board of Directors, President’s Office and Office of Development and Alumni Relations.   

Members of the Capilano University Board of Governors, Foundation Board or Alumni Association Board, and currently active politicians are not eligible for nomination.

Nominees must be aware of their nomination and accept that their name, photo, credentials and biography may be published in various media promoting the event. Capilano University protects the privacy and confidentiality of the information of nominees.

All alumni are eligible for nomination. Alumni are defined as those individuals who have received a credential from the University or have successfully completed a minimum of 54 credits at Capilano University. 

Award recipients must consent to participate in the awards celebration in Vancouver. Please note, the University may not have the resources to provide travel allowances for award recipients to attend the event.

Nominators may nominate more than one candidate for each award. There is only one award recipient in each award category.

Each award has specific criteria outlined below. Each criterion is weighted and scored based upon predetermined values to support qualitative and quantitative discussions and select a list of honorees.

All awards categories will take into account the following criteria. Recipients will have demonstrated a sustained quality in their actions over time in one or more of the following areas. Please note, the criteria are less about the length of time and more about consistency in application.

  1. Spirit/Passion to drive change through service to the community. Contributions in supporting the development of healthy, vibrant and inclusive communities.
  2. Innovation/Collaboration for contributions in the field of education, including research, teaching, program development or educational administration; or Recognition of entrepreneurial innovation or social enterprise successes.
  3. Professional Achievement that has advanced the profile and regard of Capilano University in business or industry. Achievement in professional or career endeavours; or Achievement in the fine, performing or applied arts, or communications.

In addition to the criteria listed above recipients must also demonstrate how they met our brand essences detailed below. 

The brand essence Luminous: Through education, our environment and world-class architecture, Capilano University is authentic and illuminated.

  1. The nominee has demonstrated a focus on educating in the classroom and/or beyond.
  2. The nominee is recognized as a knowledge expert within an established community of practice, which can be formal or traditional in any subject area.
  3. The nominee will have consistently demonstrated a generosity in sharing their expertise to advance communities within CapU or beyond the four walls of our campus. 

The brand essence Unified: Diverse in thinking, but connected in our vision and mission, we work together to build the Capilano University community.

  1. The nominee demonstrates a solution-focused approach to various issues and opportunities.
  2. The nominee is known for bringing communities together in common purpose by combining diverse perspectives to find new approaches.
  3. The nominee is a connector that demonstrates leadership but is not necessarily in a leadership role.

The brand essence Enduring: We are proud of Capilano University’s 50-year history, our relationship with local First Nations, the origin of our name and the foundation all these elements create for our future.

  1. The nominee has demonstrated a commitment to fostering relationships with Aboriginal communities and embraces intercultural values to build the future. 
  2. The nominee embodies through their actions reconciliation at a local, regional or national level.
  3. The nominee will have a track record of acknowledging our past with eyes open to examining actions and finds ways to collaborate to build stronger communities.

The brand essence Confident: Capilano University graduates are confident in their ability to affect positive change.

  1. The nominee is a proven leader, a shooting star we all want to follow because their story resonates and keeps us watching for their next move.
  2. The nominee inspires trust and through their example, others have been inspired to act.
  3. The nominee demonstrates the application of confidence through focus and determination in pursuit of their goals.

The brand essence Creative: Creativity is at the heart of Capilano University – visible in student output, academic programming and faculty collaboration.

  1. The nominee is known to be the first to take action and does not settle for the status quo.
  2. The nominee embodies innovation by asking “why or why not?” to create solutions.
  3. The nominee is not afraid to fail, and probably has, and demonstrates almost limitless ways to solve problems big or small.