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Adult Basic Education

  • Apply now for classes beginning May 14, 2018.  
    *** ABE courses are now tuition-free, other fees apply, details here. ***

    The ABE program enables you to upgrade your knowledge of English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computers and Study Skills. You may select from one to five subjects, depending upon your educational and occupational goals. You can pursue any of the following goals:

    • complete missing prerequisites for other university courses
    • upgrade or refresh mastery of a subject
    • complete secondary school qualifications (Grade 12 graduation)
    • improve your GPA
    • prepare for other university programs

    The ABE program has semester in: September to December, January to April, May to June, and July to August.  The program offers instruction in pairs of 1.5 hour classes. Both self-paced and term-paced classes are offered. Enrolment in classes is based on a pre-registration assessment of academic ability.

    Many students benefit by enrolling in ABE courses while registered in other university or career/vocational programs at CapilanoU.

    Students can enroll in ABE classes part-time or full-time, online options are available.  Students interested a bridging program that is a combination of ABE preparatory courses and a first year university courses may wish to consider the College & University Preparation (CUP) program.

    Consult the Financial Assistance link for grants that you may qualify for.


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