Sechelt Nation Language & Culture Certificate

  • 7ewkw’chalap kwetl’ tiwsham she shashishalhem 

    You’re invited to come learn the Sechelt Language

    The Sechelt Nation Language and Culture Certificate is designed to give current and future Sechelt Language teachers training in the Sechelt Language and to provide a range of courses that are relevant to Sechelt culture (told from a Sechelt perspective). It is expected that the stock of Sechelt Language teachers will be increased and that fluency in the community will be improved.

    The certificate includes:

    • Introductory courses in the Sechelt Language
    • English courses in composition and First Nations literature
    • First Nations courses telling the story of the Sechelt People
    • Linguistics courses in phonetics and language description and analysis
    • Electives relevant to culture and language


    The courses in the Sechelt Nation Language and Culture certificate are taught by Capilano University faculty, and where possible by Sechelt community members.  

    Program Information

    Ashley Joe
    Post-Secondary Coordinator
    shíshálh Nation
    ph: 604-885-6016
    cell: 604-740-6786
    toll free: 1-866-885-2275
    fax: 604-885-6071