Residence Advisor Application

      • We are currently accepting applications from January 19th until February 2nd. Please submit you cover letter and resume to and complete the online form attached below.¬†

        We are searching for strong, community-minded student leaders to join our CapU Residence team as Residence Advisors (RAs) for the 2018-2019 academic year. RAs are a key part of the residence community, responsible for creating a safe and engaging living and learning environment for all students who live in residence. RAs work as a team to support the needs of residence students through programming, community building, peer helping and emergency response.

        Please review the RA Job Description before applying.

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        Please provide one professional or character reference who can confirm your suitability for the Residence Advisor position. This might include a former employer, instructor, colleague or anyone else (other than a member of your immediate family) you feel can adequately speak to your qualifications.
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        Interviews for the RA position will be held on February 8th and February 9th. To assist us in scheduling these interviews, we are asking all applicants to pre-select times when they will be available. Please note that, by completing this section, you are agreeing to attend an interview (if offered one) during one of the times you selected. Interviews can be conducted by Skype or phone for applicants who will not be in the Vancouver area during the interview process. If you have an extenuating circumstance that will prevent you from being available on either day, please leave this section blank and indicate so alongside your emailed resume and cover letter.

        Interview time slots (please select at least 2):

        Residence Advisor Application Terms

        1.  I understand that, as part of the application process, a search of my academic and non-academic conduct records with Capilano University Student Affairs will be conducted and I consent to the exchange of information for the purposes of ascertaining my qualifications for being a Residence Advisor. If I have any questions about what will be shared, I can contact student affairs at, or call 604.983.7531.

        2. I understand that in order to be a student employee at Capilano University, I must be in good academic standing with the University. This means that my cumulative and most recent term GPA must be above 1.80. I consent to a search of my academic record to confirm my academic standing as it relates to my eligibility for this position.

        3. I understand that, should I be offered and accept a position as a Residence Advisor, I may be required to submit a satisfactory Canadian Criminal Record Check.

        4. I understand that, should I be offered and accept a position as a Residence Advisor, I will be required to live in and maintain a presence in CapU Residence for the Spring 2018 terms.
        5. I understand that, should I wish to live in CapU Residence beginning in Spring 2018 even if I am not successful in becoming an RA, I must submit a separate application to live in residence.

        6. I consent to Capilano University contacting the reference listed above for the purposes of determining my suitability for the Residence Advisor position.

         7. I understand that, in order for this application to be considered complete, I must email a completed resume and cover letter to and include the subject line "Residence Advisor Application" by 4:00 p.m. on February 2nd, 2018.


      • Questions or Concerns?

        Contact Bailey Kew

        Residence Life Facilitator, Student Housing Services

        604.986.1911 ext. 7952