PaybyPhone & Pay By Plate FAQ

    • How do I add or change my License Plate Number?

      You can add or change a License Plate Number by sending an email to with your ePermit number, license plate number, and the reason for the request. It will take a minimum of 24 hours to register a license plate number under your ePermit. 

      What if I have to drive a loaner, courtesy or rental car one day?

      All vehicles on the North Vancouver Campus must have paid parking.

      Owners of a valid ePermit (Week, Month, Term Annual) who unexpectedly find themselves having to use a loaner, courtesy, or rental vehicle may, on an exceptional basis, and at the discretion of the University, register the plate number of vehicle for a temporary period. 

      Send an email to with your ePermit number, temporary license plate number, and the reason for the request. It will take a minimum of 48 hours to register a license plate number under your ePermit.

      Will I still need a special tag for parking in the reserved areas of carpool and employee parking?

      No, these areas are now under the umbrella of the LPR system; just provide your license plate number which we will enter into the system.

      How do I select the rate for parking after 5 pm and on weekends?

      The daily parking rates on the Campus will automatically revert to the night parking rate at 5 pm on weeknights and all day on weekends.  The process for paying for daily parking will be the same for both day and night.

      Short Term / Hourly parking will remain at the posted hourly rate and will not change.

      Will parking for persons with a disability be affected?

      There will be no change. Anyone parking in the designated stalls for persons with a disability will be required to pay for parking and display a valid SPARC permit.

      In the Short Term Lot #7 (adjacent to the Sportsplex) persons with a disability parking in the designated handicap stalls will be able to purchase the short term hourly rate or select the daily rate depending upon which rate is more beneficial for the time staying on Campus.


      How fast will the pay stations process my transaction?

      Once the license plate number has been entered and you have entered your payment (by coin or credit card) the meter will process the transaction in about ten seconds. This is based on testing of the pay stations at other locations and is dependent on the internet provider's link. 

      How far away are the meters from the parking lots?

      There are 6 pay stations strategically place around the Campus. Two of these are conveniently placed inside the Birch building which is the busiest building on Campus.

      The placement of the two pay stations inside the front entrance of the Birch building will make for a more pleasant experience on those dark, wet and cold nights as they are inside protected from the weather and are under bright lights. Not only that but you won't have to go back to your vehicle to put a receipt on the dash!

      What if I park my vehicle and in the time it takes to walk to a pay station I receive a violation notice for non-payment.

      We have implemented a short delay in our system to allow a person sufficient time to arrive at and pay at one of the pay stations.

      We do encourage people to use the convenient PaybyPhone app as this will eliminate the need to walk to a meter.

      How quickly from time of payment will my parking be effective?

      Whether you pay at a pay station or use PaybyPhone, as soon as you have completed the transaction the information is immediately transmitted to our Pay by Plate system and your parking is valid.

      If I use PaybyPhone, can I pay before I arrive at Campus?

      Definitely, PaybyPhone will allow you to process your payment for parking before you even leave home. Just enter the PaybyPhone lot number you will be parking in, enter your license plate and choose the daily rate for that zone. When you arrive at Campus you can just park in the lot you selected and walk away to your destination.

      Is Pay by Plate and PaybyPhone the same thing?


      PaybyPlate is the LPR (license plate recognition) system used to identity the vehicles with paid and unpaid parking on the Campus and is linked to a computer in the parking patrol vehicle. This allows for smooth and efficient patrolling of the parking lots on Campus.

      PaybyPhone is a method of payment using an app on your cell phone, on your computer, or by phone call. Your license plate number is required to complete the payment and when doing so an update is immediately sent to the Pay by Plate system to confirm your vehicle has valid payment for parking.

      The PaybyPlate and PaybyPhone systems are complementary and communicate the data securely, seamlessly, and in real time.

      Will I still be able to pay for parking at the meter?

      There will be three methods available for purchasing pay parking on the campus:

      Pay at the Pay Station

      You can pay at the pay stations located around the Campus. Two pay stations are located inside the Birch building at the base of the main staircase. Pay stations accept coins or credit cards. All our pay stations are PCI compliant for procession secure credit card transactions.


      This is an easy and convenient method of payment using the PaybyPhone app, pay online, or give them a call.

      If you are not already a PaybyPhone user a one-time registration is required.

      Helpful tips and to register for the PaybyPhone service is available at or from the link on the University's Parking, Carpools and Transit webpage.

      ePermits for Week, Month, Term, Annual - Pay by Plate

      ePermits are purchased from the secure web portal accessed through the link on the University's Parking, Carpools and Transit webpage. The ePermits are sold at a discounted rate from the daily parking rate and are extremely convenient and cost effective if you frequently park on Campus.  Can't decide? Check out the Rate Comparison sheet to determine how to get your best value.

      If you purchase a term or annual ePermit, you will be able to register up to three vehicle license plate numbers against the ePermit. This will be handy if you drive multiple vehicles to work or wish to share time with another person. Be sure to have only one of these vehicles on the lot at a time or ensure the second vehicle has paid for parking if both must be here at the same time. The Pay by Plate system will recognize and only allow one plate at a time to use the ePermit.


      Do all Capilano University Campuses have pay parking?

      No.  Only the North Vancouver Campus has pay parking and is the only location to implement the Pay by Plate system.

      What is Pay by Plate?

      When purchasing parking, the vehicle license plate number is required to be entered. The system then records the plate and immediately issues a ‘virtual’ parking pass for the time period purchased. The paid parking is tied directly to the license plate that is entered into the system.

      You may have up to three licenses plate numbers associated with your ePermit, but only one vehicle can park on campus at any time.  Parking more than one vehicle on campus requires additional parking payment based on the applicable daily rate.

      There is no requirement to place a paper ticket on the vehicle dash as this is virtual paid parking.

      While no paper ticket will be issued, as the system ties the payment to your plate, there is the option of requesting a receipt if you require one for your records.

      The paid parking is non-transferable as it is tied to the plate number, though there will be an option for multiple plates if you purchase a term or annual permit.

      The best part of Pay by Plate - You just pay and walk away.


      What is LPR?

      LPR stands for License Plate Recognition. This is the technology used for the PaybyPlate system. When a customer buys an ePermit (virtual permit) they must enter their vehicle license plate number to complete the payment. The ePermit and plate number are linked. A camera mounted on the parking patrol car will read the license plate on a parked car and alert the patroller if payment has not been made and signals to issue a violation notice.