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    Parents & Families

    • Pride. Happiness. Anxiety. Stress. As a parent, guardian, or close family member of a newly minted or about-to-be-minted Capilano University student you are, we wager, currently experiencing all four. And no wonder. Your young learner is about to enter a new stage of life. Heading off to university is a big step, and take it from us—big changes are on the horizon. These changes won’t be limited to the student, either. You will find yourself making adjustments as well. That’s why we’ve put together this website. It’s been designed to provide you with information, resources and tips to help you and your student navigate the university years. 

      What’s here for you

      This website gives you a combination of straight nuts-and-bolts information as well as helpful tips and advice on what to anticipate as your student makes their way through university. To the left, for example, you’ll find links not only to information on what your student can take at Cap and how to go about applying to Cap, but also on what you can expect during a student's first year, what student support services are available and more. 

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