• Grad Fair is March 1st 2018!

      10 am to 2 pm in the Birch Lower Cafeteria. Graduating students will have the opportunity to ask questions about graduation and the convocation ceremony. Regalia and Grad rings will be on hand. Just follow your nose to the free popcorn!

      Save the dates! Your graduation dates are June 4th and June 5th 2018.

      Steps to Graduate and Convocate.

      1. If you haven't done so already, be sure to apply to graduate through the Registrar’s Office.
      2. Register for your Convocation Ceremony, rent your regalia and book your guest tickets. The link to do so will be here by April 2nd, 2018.
      3. Attend your Convocation Ceremony. See the Planning Your Day infographic.

      What's the difference between Graduating and Convocation?

      The application to graduate is the process you must do in order to officially graduate from the University.  Your application is submitted and reviewed by the Registrar’s office to ensure that you meet all the academic requirements to graduate.  Once it is determined that you are eligible to graduate, your name is submitted to Senate for approval.

      Convocation is the ceremony in which we celebrate your successful completion of your academic credential.


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      Book your Grad Photo Session with Artona by clicking on the link above.

      Select dates from March 28 to 29 2018 in MA101 & MA102 
      604.872.7272 or +1.800.668.3866

      Custom Collegiate Jewelry


      Purchase your custom grad jewelry at Jostens.

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      June 4th Ceremonies

      Faculty Time
      Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts 10am
      Faculty of Arts and Sciences 2pm
      Faculty of Global and Community Studies   
      Faculty of Education, Health and Human Development  

      June 5th Ceremonies

      Faculty Time
      School of Business 10am
      School of Communication 2pm
      School of Legal Studies