James Shavick

    • James ShavickOne of Canada’s most successful film and TV producers, Mr. Shavick began his career after graduating from first class of Concordia University’s (SGWU) film program. Originally from Montreal, it was natural that his first feature would be set in Quebec. “Two Solitudes,” a landmark drama about the English-French, became a Canadian classic. Since then, Mr. Shavick has produced more than 500 hours of television - over 100 feature length television movies and 10 television series.

      Working for many years in California, James held numerous production positions and his series were commissioned by ABC Family Channel, NBC/PAX, Fox Family Channel, Showtime and HBO. His television productions were among the top ten performers for their networks and he retains the singular distinction of being the only Canadian producer to ever have had two number 1-rated shows in the United States.

      Mr. Shavick moved his production company to Vancouver in 1993 and quickly became the largest producer west of Toronto. Over the years he has mentored and employed a multitude of young producers - many of whom now form the backbone of film and television production in Western Canada.

      Mr. Shavick married former finance minister and prominent B.C. politician Joy MacPhail in 2005. He is the majority shareholder and CEO of Canadian broadcaster OUTtv, a specialty digital channel with over 1 million subscribers, and a recently launched international video subscription service.