Transfer Credit

    • What is Transfer Credit?

      Transfer Credit (TC) is coursework done at one institution that is recognized for credit at another institution. In BC, you can research coursework done at a BC or Yukon institution through the BC Transfer Guide.

      Why do you need/want transfer credit?

      1. TC can serve as a pre-requisite for courses at Capilano U.
      2. TC can count towards program requirements of Capilano U programs.

      When/how is transfer credit processed?

      • TC will be assessed by the admissions officer at the time of admission to Capilano U if the courses are on the BC Transfer Guide. We will confirm your TC by sending you an email to your Cap Webmail account.

      • If your courses are not listed as transferable in the BC Transfer Guide, you will be required to provide a detailed course outline for each course along with a completed TC request form.

      • If you have completed coursework that has not been assigned TC at the time of admission, please submit a detailed course outline along with a completed TC request form for each course you would like to have evaluated.

      • To submit your TC request form and course outline(s), you can bring them in hard copy to the Registrar's Office (BR230), or email the request form and course outline(s) (PDF only) from your Capilano U Student email account to

      What is a detailed course outline?

      Course outlines might be called a syllabus, or itinerary at some institutions. They are not the same as a course description that can be found in an academic calendar, since course descriptions do not include enough information. A course outline is often handed out on the first day of class and must include the following:

      • a statement of course objectives
      • a detailed outline of the units or modules of the course
      • the number of weeks duration (except final exam period)
      • hours per week of lecture (laboratory/tutorial/seminar/studio work)
      • hours per week of required open laboratory work, or open studio work
      • the method of evaluation and grading
      • the textbooks used
      • the amount of credit

      You can submit a copy of the course outline you were given in class, but if you need to obtain an outline, you should contact the Registrar's Office at your previous institution.

      Course outlines must be from the year and term that you took the course.

      All course outlines must be in English. If the original course outline in not in English, please submit a course outline translated by a certified translator.

      How long will the course evaluation process take?

      TC evaluation may take 6 to 8 weeks and may take longer over the summer months (June to August).

      How do I know whether the transferred credit fits into my Capilano U program?

      After you receive your email confirmation about your transferred credits, please call the Registrar's Office main line (604.984.4900) to book an appointment with an Academic Advisor. The Advisor will assist you in filling out a program planner.

      Is there a maximum amount of transfer credit I can use in my program?

       Capilano U has a residency requirement of 50% for certificates and diplomas; 25% for degrees. That means a student can use a maximum of 30 transfer credits towards a 60 credit credential; 90 credits for a 120 credit credential.

      Program OutcomeRegular Number of Credits Residency Requirement Maximum Credits for Transfer Minimum Credits that need to be Completed at Capilano U 
      Certificate30 50% 15 15 
      Diploma 60* 50% 30 30 
      Advanced Diploma 90 50% 45 45 
      Degree 120* 25% 90** 30 

      * Some diplomas and degrees require more than 60 or 120 credits

      ** Degree programs may have specific requirements regarding use of transfer credit in their programs.  

      Please book an appointment to see an Advisor for program planning. 

      International Baccalaureate (IB) Transfer Credit

      Applicants who have completed International Baccalaureate courses with specific minimum marks will receive credit for some Higher Level (HL)  subjects passed as noted in the BC Transfer Guide.

      Advanced Placement (AP) Transfer Credit

      Applicants who have passed an Advanced Placement Examination, administered by the College Entrance Examination board, with a minimum of 4 will receive credit as noted in the BC Transfer Guide.  

      Official transcripts sent directly from the College Board are required in order for transfer credit to be awarded for Advanced Placement courses.