Planning Your Day

    • This guide has been prepared to provide you with detailed instructions for Convocation. Please review carefully in advance so you come prepared and consider printing off the convocation plan (PDF) as a reference tool on the day of Convocation.

      2017 infographic

      Order of Events

      • Welcome
      • Honorary Degree Recipients
      • Conferring of Credentials
        • The procession guide will bring you up to the stage row by row, where you will have your portrait taken. Please hand your name card to the volunteer who will scan it. A marshall will indicate when it’s time to cross the stage. Then you will shake hands with the dean, president and chancellor. It will conclude with you posing for your picture with your program representative and returning to your seat.
      • Closing Remarks and Recession
        • The platform party will recess first and then the procession guide will escort out of the building and to the Birch lawn.
        • Once all graduates are at the Birch lawn there will be a photo taken with hats thrown into the air!
        • After the photo is taken you can proceed to the reception located under the tent beside the Sportsplex.
        • Return your gown to the lower cafeteria.

      2017 infographic map

      Flow of Pick Up and Assembly

      Birch building, first floor

      flow of pick up and assembly 2018 without arrows